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  1. Wow, Chaplin screams boy. I was surprised to learn she was a girl after I had heard the name.

  2. Chaplin Haddow reads ‘boy’ to me too. Chaplin might be kind of cute on a boy – with the Charlie Chaplin association and “Chap” meaning ‘guy’ in British slang – but I’m not a fan of it being a girl’s name.

    A feminine middle name would have helped, methinks.

  3. I’ve never heard of Chaplin as a first name but really like it. Doesn’t seem overly masculine to me (think Brooklyn). Not so much on the middle name though. Just curious on the pronounciation… ha- DOE or ha DOW?

  4. I love Charlie Chaplin. Wait… that wasn’t the question. A baby girl named Chaplin Haddow is really unfortunate, I just don’t get why someone would think that was the perfect name for their daughter. If they are such fans of his work they could of used Oona, Mabel or Hannah or even (meh) Charlie, Spencer or Sydney.

    I am really amused by some of the comments on that site, claiming that they know a Chaplin or even 3 Chaplins! Chaplin doesn’t even appear on the 2009 extended SSA list, but now it’s trendy.

  5. I agree – it reads very male to me. Plus also, on the back of the “title” name discussion – I say Chaplin and chaplain the same way… I dunno – I want to be all laid back and say, ‘maybe it will grow on me’ but I’m having strong rejection vibes… so I’m going to call it a “no” for me. And I hate to say, but Haddow is not helping matters for me – it’s like Harlow or Hello with a speech impediment or a really bad cold…. and I keep thinking chaplain shadow

    @UrbanAngel – I had the same thought… maybe if you fake-accent fancify it up a bit it will be nicer… shah-PLAHN ah-DOH…. nope, I still do not like this one!

    Sure hope little Chaplin likes her name better than I do!

    1. Chap also reminds me of ”chappies” which is a common word for bubblegum where I live . So, it isn’t really a name with many positive associations (for me) .

  6. I really like Ever as a first. Chaplin…. I tend to want to ”fake-accentify-it” to Shah=plin or shah-pleen etc or ”fancify” it. It’s not for me; but , hey , she might really like it. On the plus side, she won’t ever get confused as to being someone else

  7. At first I thought that it was an okay name….calling a little boy “Chap” would be adorable…..and then I saw that the baby was a girl. I think I would straight up hate that name as a little girl.

    1. That was my sense, too – Chaplin on a boy? Surprisingly appealing. Chaplin on a girl … I need to think about it. I don’t hate it – Chaplin shares something with Charlotte and the -lin ending is more feminine than, say, Hudson.

      It’s definitely noteworthy!