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  1. Olea = Oleo for me. Which kind of grosses me out.

    And is it just me that gets tripped up with all the vowels? Aviana Olea. Something about the rhythm messes with my mouth.

    Overall not bad, just not my taste in the least.

  2. I’m really happy for her! She always seems like such a sweet woman. It’s a pretty name, but not really my thing. Olea does sound nice, but it’s the name of an ice cream company here lol. But then again, Clover is a dairy range & Nola is a mayonnaise. Hey, I’d rather have well-named food as opposed to poorly named food

      1. I love them as well. One day I was making myself a sandwich and thinking about names, when I looked down & read the bottle…… my heart dropped 🙁

  3. Aviana is pretty; yes, it does sound like avian or aviary. Olea is just strange. Looks like the feminine form of Ole, which only makes me think of Sven and Ole jokes.

  4. I think Aviana is really, really pretty! Hubby is a big fan of birds and we’ve got names on our girls’ list like Robin, Raven, Dove, Sparrow and his personal favorite, Wren. If the name doesn’t become unspeakably popular, it might just have to go down on our list for a someday daughter!

  5. I thought ‘bird.’ Aviana also will look like Ariana in many people’s script (like my atrocious hand) and that might add some confusion, but overall it’s pretty. Olea is nice and made me first think of olive oil… so I googled and found out it’s the genus name for olives https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olea – it’s like the super-nerdy version of Olive or Olivia. (Also, a restaurant in SF is called Olea) It also made me think of Olya, a diminutive form of Olga, one of my favorites. Any way you look at it – Norse, Olives, Russian – Olea is pretty.

  6. I prefer Aviana over a LOT of other -ana names, and I love that they used Olea since it’s a feminine form of the Norse Olav which is my dad’s name 🙂
    Olea is awesome! So sweet and recognisable but with that stand-out O in front!

    If it were me however, I would have chosen Oleanna/Oleana Ever or Oleanna/Oleana Evening to get a more interesting name with somewhat the same sounds. Oleanna/Oleana is prettier to me! ^^

      1. There are a LOT of fun feminine forms of Olav 🙂
        Olea for one, Oleanna, Oleanne, Oleana, Oline, Olina, Olava, Olavia, Oliva and even Olette!
        Olenna, Olava and Oliva are my favourites ^^