According to Celebrity Baby Blog, Violet’s little sister is called Seraphina Rose Elizabeth!

I’m heading over to Nameberry to see if anyone guessed it in their contest.

Seraphina will be Name of the Day on 3/3, but here’s a taste – the seraphim are one of the orders of angels; there have been two Saints Seraphina and the name has never appeared in the US Top 1000.

What does everyone think?

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What do you think?

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  1. I love it I was so Excited I was telling everyone and of course everyone had to make sure I knew about it too! I think the only drawback is getting stuck with the k=nick name Phina. I hated that when I was a kid but now Its what my family and closest friends call me, and I love it! I’m a little sad because now my name will no doubtedly become less unique but I’m still thrilled to hear of another Seraphina out there.

  2. I’m relieved.

    No, it doesn’t match perfectly with Violet Anne. Compared with Violet Anne’s shy simplicity, it’s much frillier and showier. Still, both names are sweet, feminine, and old-fashioned, so they don’t clash. Since people don’t name their entire set of children at one time, it seems like a reasonable choice. Tastes change, and Violet to Seraphina is not that great of a leap. They do both have a bit of a girly-princessy vibe about them if you think about it. Violet’s a purple flower, after all, and Seraphina is an angel. To me, Violet’s main vibe is “old-fashioned,” but Jen and Ben may have chosen it because it sounded “girly and sweet.” If so, then Seraphina may very well fit with the vibe they got from Violet.

    I like Seraphina — it’s one I occasionally suggest to others when I can remember to, but it’s not one I often think about. It’s not to my personal taste, though, and I’m very glad they didn’t choose one that was to my personal taste. Clara, Eliza, and Eleanor (all of which seemed like possibilities) were spared from what would have almost certainly been a huge peak in popularity.

    Overall, I’m quite pleased with their choice. I’m glad they picked such a lovely name, and I’m glad that it’s not one I ever would consider for my own kids!

  3. I do agree that Violet Anne does pale in comparison to Seraphina Rose Elizabeth.
    And also, I am in compliance with Nessa in that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner don’t sound like they would name a daughter Seraphina… it just doesn’t sit right with me for them for some reason. Beatrice or Daisy would’ve been better fits, imo. Or even the theme-y Rose Elizabeth.
    And I am in mourning with Sharmila- I could see Seraphina, as aforestated, a fave name, shoot up a few hundred places because of the Affleck/Starbaby Effect.

  4. It does doesn’t it Nessa?! I agree with Lola about giving one child three names and another two, I would never do that. It seems so unfair and unplanned, almost as if they like Seraphina and Elizabeth but thought it didn’t flow very well so threw Rose in for good measure or something along those lines.

    I waxed lyrical about the choice of Seraphina Rose Elizabeth not because I am personally enthralled by it but because for a pair of celebrities they have choosen really good names for their children (compared to the likes of Bronx Mowgli and Bluebell Madonna that is). Seraphina and Violet don’t ‘go’ that well together, although they are by no means an offensive set; and personally I think I would tire of Seraphina after a while, too overtly frilly for my tastes…

  5. I wasn’t all that interested in them to begin with, but I’m disappointed with this. Seraphina just doesn’t go with Violet at all, in my book. Frankly, I don’t like Seraphina all that much to begin with, but I could like it in the right family… but it doesn’t seem like they should have a daughter named Seraphina, especially after Violet. I don’t get why everyone thinks that’s a good sib set. And, while I’m being perfect honest, I do love the name Violet… but I don’t understand what’s so special about the name Violet Anne… I mean, it’s just a regular name, quite pretty, yes… but normal. I just don’t get why everyone thinks they’re these gods of celebrity baby naming. Also, I agree with Kate, Seraphina Elizabeth Rose sounds a lot bet than Seraphina Rose Elizabeth.

  6. I think it’s a little floofy, but overall, it’s legit, unusual, and pretty nice. The Afflecks are still good namers in my book!

  7. I agree with Lola. It’s too… much compared to Violet. Rose Elizabeth seems to match Violet Anne perfectly in style. Seraphina? I’m disappointed.

  8. Count me out. I’m not impressed. Seraphina is way more froofy than sweet Violet, and then, if my kid sister got two middles and I only got one… boy I’d be ticked! Granted, it’s pretty, but I would have expected Seraphina’s sister to be Isabella, Aurelia or maybe Catharina, not Violet! Rose Elizabeth would have been themey, sure, but more in line with the simplicity & loveliness of Violet Anne. I’ve got my fingers in my ears “Can;’t hear you”’ she’s Rose Elizabeth!”. 😀

  9. Aw, I’m equal parts thrilled and upset.

    I’m happy because I absolutely *love* Seraphina. She’s one of my favorites, as a matter of fact, which is why I’m upset. I prefer the variant spelling Serafina, but you know, same idea. But honestly, garn. I was very disappointed because I’m sure Seraphina’s popularity will now start an upward trend, considering what Garner-Affleck did with Violet. Though I doubt she’ll ever make it into the top 50, I’m still quite sad.

    But also I’m glad my absolute favorite, Charlotte, was spared. I don’t think I’d have been able to get over it if they’d used it.

    But wonderful choice, Ben and Jen!