Apparently, Charlie Sheen’s twin sons have arrived. Wife Brooke Mueller and both boys are doing well.

Naming a baby Max is no shocker – J. Lo and Christina Aguilera already chose it for their sons, to say nothing of the countless real boys who wear the appellation. (Max ranked #141 in 2007. Add in Maxwell, Maximilian, Maximus, Maxim, Maximo and that’s about 5600 new kids called Max in ’07 alone.)

But Access Hollywood is reporting that Max’s brother is named Bob. Just Bob.

The venerable Robert ranked #47 in 2007, with Roberto coming in at #218. Even Bobby was bestowed upon around 500 newborn boys. But Bob? Nope. He didn’t chart at all.

While nickname names like Jack, Luke, Gus and Max are often used alone, Bob seems incomplete. Factor in that Charlie’s daughter is Sam and it seems downright confusing.

It is possible that little Bob is actually Robert. Or, hey, something else entirely. But for the moment, I’m scratching my head.

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  1. I really don’t have a problem with Sam, Max and Bob although personally I much prefer Lola’s suggestion of Samantha, Maxwell and Robert or even Samira, Maximilian and Roberto (I believe Charlie Sheen’s real name is Carlos Estevez so these names would not sound inappropriate). Actually, come to think of it, don’t Charlie Sheen and Denise what’s-her-name have a daughter called Lola too – or am I making that up? Bob, Sam and Max sound unfinished and incredibly nicknamey, not too mention a very unisex bunch but they’re pretty down-to-earth for celeb babies when you compare them to the likes of Bronx Mowgli et all!

  2. Bob. Bob. Sorry, bells do not go off when I hear the name. Reminds me though, my kids received a Littlest Pet Shop type of toy for Christmas, and it came with a family of puppies. The puppies were already named, and my kids were sooo disappointed in the names. So imagine these on cute lil pups: Dave, Murray, and Bob. My youngest thanked her grandparents for the gift, but added, “but I really don’t like Bob”. LOL.

  3. I played a game with a few friends last night, “Max, Sam & Bob, which is the girl”? The only one of my friends to get it right was Cary, Pop of a Samantha/Sam himself. Everyone else guessed Max (go figure, I must have weird friends too) 🙂

    Now, I don’t hate Bob, I actually find Bob refreshing but poor kid, with nothing solid to fall back on. I hope he never needs it! Overall though, I’m renaming them: Samantha, Maxwell & Robert, Sam, Max & Bob. Makes me feel so much better.

    1. Photoquilty, that phrase always leaps into my head. I think I mean a “real kid who has to live in the real world where the only paparazzi are grandma and grandpa and goodie bags contain M&Ms, not the newest iPod.” After all, Charlie Sheen could name his boys Ralph and Icarus and that would still be the least strange thing about their lives. 🙂

      Lola, I like the happy place you go to when you rename children. Samantha, Maxwell & Robert is a nice sibset.

      Wasn’t the baby on the old Quizno commercials named Bob? Must go Google …

  4. Wait – are you saying that a starbaby is not a real boy or girl? That’s an amusing concept. 🙂

  5. God, I so dislike these. Max, okay. I get it. Everyone is named Max, including my second cousin, who’s 20 and really a Maxwell, and my first cousin, once removed, who’s 4 months old and is Max Kane. Max is fun, it’s short, it’s snappy, it ends in X. But BOB??? Really? Bob is my 60 year old father’s best friend. Bob is not a contemporary fun kind of guy. So strange. Don’t let me get started on just-plain-Sam for a girl. Grr.