If you’re finding this site through Nameberry, welcome. If you’re a regular here, please also visit my guest post: Red Carpet Names: Boys’ Edition. I’ll be checking in over the weekend to respond to comments there.

Many thanks to Pam and Linda for the opportunity. And no, I didn’t choose the picture they used for the post – but by a happy coincidence, Clark Gable is among my favorites. I’ve seen It Happened One Night enough times to recite the lines!

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  1. That is one awesome post, Verity. Really. Boys names need a boost, they’re so overlooked these days. Where’s the creative input the girls always seem to get? Why do boys always end up getting short shrifted? I’ve doing my part to get people to notice that naming a boy can be as much fun as naming a girl but I’ve been feeling like a one woman crusade. So I am thrilled to see this post, keep ’em coming! 😀