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  1. On the subject of Miel – I was at a hotel in Vermont and the lady working at the front desk was talking to some people in France. She said she gave her daughter a French name, Miel (maybe it was spelled Mielle?), and nicknamed her Mia. I think Miel is such a sweet name, but with all the names ending in -ella, it feels trendy.

  2. I love Jett for Juliet and Bix for Beatrix, so yummy! Unexpected nicknames are so great. Back when we were dating I tried Mick and Micky on DH but he is so firmly Mike that it didn’t work. Oh well 🙁

    I’m really curious what the new True Blood twins will be called, though I’m really only excited because they’re twins and it’s more fun. Thanks for another great weekly round-up Abby!

  3. Bix as a nickname for Beatrix is utter genius, as indeed is using Costello as a middle name.

  4. ForReal’s Hobey is from Minnesota… so it makes me think of the hockey legend “Hobey” Baker, who was born with the fabulous appellation Hobart Amory Hare Baker.

    Ally Carter’s book series Gallagher Girls has a character called Bex, short for Rebecca.

  5. Ah, but over in the US you have the lovely Emmett sitting at #273 (1,262 births). We have it all the way down at #1620 (14 births). It’s hard to fathom, but he’s still unfashionable over here. 😉 Thanks for the rec.

    “Barney? Bobby? Henry? Does he look like an Arthur?” — These just scream “British names” to me. Any message board I see that mentions Barney usually has the Brits saying “Oh, that’s cute,” and the American’s saying, “What? Like the purple dinosaur?”

    I adore quirky nicknames so Bix and Jett are right up my street.

  6. Loved the Jane Fryer article. That was great, but I wonder why they didn’t consider just naming him Davis. Maybe that’s the southerner in me talking. 🙂

    Caleb Costello is awesome. I found the middle names Crusoe and Quixote, which I thought were very cool too. Love the nn Jet for Juliet and Bix for Beatrix. I love unexpected nicknames for formal names. They are fast becoming my new favorites.

    Very common names for a Rock Star, but when I read the article, I noticed that Paul Stanley was 59, which puts him the same age as my parents/aunts and they don’t like these “newfangled” names, which is what my aunt said when her daughter announced her new son as Gage.


  7. I know someone who did use Miele as a middle name. Someone from high school named her daughter Virginia Miele.