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I hadn’t initially planned to say anything about the tenth anniversary of September 11, but it is almost jarring to see the date up there.

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  1. Huge thanks for the shout-out! Just posted my follow-up, on names that end with O. Personally, I love a middle name with a story, too.

    And I agree with Julie on Audio. Looks odd, IS a noun, but sounds like a great name. But the name didn’t make it into my post, boo me!

  2. Audio doesn’t bother me, probably because of it’s similarity to Otto and Indio. It’s not a name I’d suggest to parents-to-be — but without his middle name, Audio Clayton sounds pretty cool.

    Speaking of “word names” we attended a wedding yesterday and met siblings name Kindred and Memory. Kindred came from Mom’s maiden name, but Memory was just a “pretty word.” (It was also a reference to a book.) With Emery’s rising popularity, Memory felt different, but I kind of liked it.

    1. Kindred and Memory – wow! I do kind of like them both, but they’re an awful lot to wear. You’re very right about Audio – on sound alone, not so weird.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the name was pretty normal after the outcry the first baby’s name caused. Either they will pick something normal or they will go way out and pick something else odd.

      2. I know that Shannyn Sossamon was (is?) a DJ, so I’m assuming that Audio Science is a tribute to her craft. If so, will the second child’s name be similarly strange and referential?

  3. E is too Entourage–what they call Eric (Kevin Connally). KAOS is too Get Smart!

    I wonder if they call Audio Science just Audie…that would seem less odd. (No pun intended.)