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  1. Lola- I’m sure people will shorten Benton to Ben when he gets older. We’re okay with it. Ben is a cute nickname.
    Patricia- It’s funny that you looked up the history of the names. I do that with every name I find intriguing. When I was in labor and in between pushes, my nurse asked me what his name was. She said Benton Grover sounded presidential. 🙂
    Sara- The town is actually Benton, Arkansas. There’s also a Benton Falls in Tennessee which is where my husband is originally from.

    Thanks for all the great comments and thanks so much to Appellation Mtn for posting my story!

  2. It’s funny – the only person who has actively disliked my daughters’ names is my mother. They’ve grown on her, but still…

    1. Can you share what their names are — or maybe the style of them?

      Names have changed so much since we nanas named our children, and most nanas are not name enthusiasts who follow the trends. My husband sometimes tells me a surprising baby name he’s heard at work, only to learn from me that that name is popular now or fits with this or that trend.

  3. Congratulations on your son Cathryn! Benton Grover is a lovely name. I really, really like Grover in the middle spot. I think it’s high time parents reclaim some of these great names from their media assocations. I have a question: might the town you’re referring to be Benton Harbor, MI? I grew up a couple of hours from there and no, it’s not a pretty place.

    I think it’s great when people find family names they love, it makes it that much more special. DH and I are unfortunately probably not going to use family names. His family is quite small and isn’t very close, so pickings are slim. And we feel it’s unfair to use names solely from my side, so it’s probably something we’ll have to forgo 🙁

  4. I love the special family connections of your son’s fine name. Curiosity led me to check SSA records to see how popular Benton and Grover were in the ‘old days’ when your son’s several-times-great-grandpas were born and named. You may have already checked this out, but others may be interested to know that Benton was a SSA Top 1000 name from 1880 through most of the years up to 1970, peaking at #413 in 1883

    The name Grover has enjoyed far greater popularity. Grover was in the Top 1000 from 1880 (and most likely before then) through 1974 and a TOP 20 NAME in 1884 & 1885 when the name reached its peak — #20 in both of those years. Grover remained in the Top 100 through 1893. Grover Cleveland was President of the United States from 1885

  5. He’ll be Ben to his friends in school, probably! 🙂 Benton Grover is such a great combo, I love my family and am thrilled when I find others that do too. Your son has a fantastic name with a fabulous backstory, thanks for sharing, Cathryn!