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  1. Bowen is a beautiful name. Classy and regal. And they could always call him “Bo” for short.

  2. I realize the spelling isn’t even close, but when I hear Bowen I think Boeing. Then I think big, powerful and worth a lot of money. If those were my values I suppose I can see choosing that name.

    1. I think that’s incredibly insightful, Molly, and maybe not all that far off the mark.

  3. I dvrd this and just watched it.. crack me up. the first thing i thought of was that they should check out apptmnt or nameberry for some real help.

  4. I’ve heard of the show, and I’m avoiding it with a ten foot pole. I have enough trouble managing myself around people I don’t like in real life. I don’t need to watch TV shows staring people that piss me off too.