We’ll admit it. The holiday is catching us unprepared this year, and now that Clio is eleven weeks, we fear the “new baby” excuse is wearing thin.

Oh well. The fact remains that we can’t choose a holiday name for our December 24 and December 25 posts. So we’re polling the audience, Regis. Please vote for your pick to view for a girl’s holiday name. And feel free to write in another suggestion. (We’ll run a boy’s poll on Monday.)

Thanks to Elisabeth’s article at You Can’t Call It It for some of these ideas.

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  1. Scarlet is one of my favorite names, so I picked that. I like them all except for Emmanuelle, though. Hmm, some other interesting Christmasy names are Eve, Virginia, Joy, Merrily, Snow, Belle, Noella, and particularly Frost (which I’ll probably be begging you to do sometime soon because it’s going to be my baby’s middle name!).

  2. I love Ivy (it recently made it into my top 10), so that’s the one I picked.

    Emmanuelle might have the most interesting history, though… apparently that was the name used in a series of famous porn films.

    Other suggestions on my personal “Christmas name” list:
    Eira, Bianca, Myrrine, Marion/Marian, Miriam, Seren, Estelle/Stella, Eve, Caroline, Seraphine/Seraphina, Olive

  3. Ivy for sure.
    She is my future daughter and number one on my list.
    Her sister will be named Cordelia.
    Ivy and Cordelia – The evil sisters!
    Their brothers will be Isaac and Archer.

  4. I picked Ivy, she’s my number four!

    Emmanuelle, to me, is the most real-name-like stripper name I’ve ever heard.

    Mary’s so dated to me, I can’t see it on anyone under fifty. All the Marys I know are Mary-Catherine/Mary Catherines (big Catholic all-girls high school).

    Winter’s okay, I just met a little Wynter the other day. Born in May. Poor child.

    Scarlet’s been on my mind lately, as we’ve been reading The Scarlet Letter in English, but I can’t see it as anything but a color now too.

  5. Ivy is among my favorite names so I’d use it at Christmas or any other time. I do like the name Holly, although old school, would not use both though. Holly and Ivy – it’s a Christmas song and a children’s book.

  6. I really like Ivy and think Winter and Scarlet are interesting, but not sure I could quite get myself psyched up to actually use those names… I know it’s sort of old school, but since Ivy is on the list, what about Holly? And along the lines of the “light” theme – Sveta/Svetlana – a slavic name meaning light? Thanks! (And if they’re not covered at Christmas, maybe another time?)

  7. Mary, if I had to choose one of those but would much rather the Hebrew Miriam, she’s got far more warmth, I think. 🙂 You’ve alreay done Jemima, which would be my hands down choice for a girl born on Xmas day. If I had to choose a boy name you know Balthazar Lucius or Caspar would be at the top of my lists but for one I don’t think you’ve covered already, Claus (as Klaus) would be my boy vote.
    Funny, my brother’s the 13th, our cousin Margery is Chrismas day and my other half is New Year’s eve (as was my late Aunt May). December is a busy month for me already, after you toss in Xmas too. I think a Christmas or December Baby might push me over the edge! 😀