Okay, Ivy has it for the girls – she’s December 25. (Of course, I’m now in love with all of the names, and might have to go back and pick up more of them. Especially Emmanuelle – sounds like she has quite the story.)

But right now, there’s a spot to fill for Wednesday, so please vote for a boy’s name!

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  1. I picked Joseph. Always popular, but very durable name. But if you could pick two out of the list, I would have chosen Malachi as well. Timothy/Tim is alright. Claus— are we pronouncing this the American way as in Santa Claus? or as in German – klouse? Either way I don’t like it but slightly prefer the German way. I think pronounced “claws” the association with Santa’s too strong to make it wearable.

  2. I voted for Claus.

    I’ve known plenty of Josephs and Timothys, and even a little Malachi, but never anyone named Claus. I think you’d be hard pressed to make it seem wearable, so I’d like to see you try. (You’ve made plenty of other names that I never would have considered before seem perfectly charming, so let’s see what you can do with Claus.) 🙂

  3. OPkay, you have me stymied! I want to vote for Claus, I love his sound and I find him rather snappy and easy to disassociate with Santa, even. But Timothy got my vote, it was my paternal Grandpa’s middle name and the one he generally went by. Probably on the losing end of the vote here too but maybe for another day? 🙂