She’s 21st century Hollywood royalty, and certainly part of the reason so many parents have chosen gender neutral surnames for their daughters.

In honor of her March 22, here’s a look at Names Worn By Reese Witherspoon.

Reese’s breakout role was 1991’s The Man in the Moon, but her character’s name – Dani – wasn’t boosted by her success.

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  1. Reese is still firmly male here in NZ. Although, it’s most commonly found as Rhys which I greatly prefer. I’ve also seen more instances of Reece over Reese.

    I can see things changing eventually and I had noticed the odd Aussie female Reese in recentish BAs which I wasn’t quite prepared for.

    I ? Annie and Ivy.

  2. The first movie I remember her in was ‘Fear’ with Mark Wahlberg. Her name was Nicole in that.
    I have an ‘Ava Reese ____’ in my 3 year old day school class. She’s a great example of the name-cute and a little bit sassy!

    1. Oh, I remember that movie ‘Fear’, isn’t that the one where he cuts her dogs head off?! I was scared of Mark Wahlberg for years after that!