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    1. Thanks! That was one of the ones I was also wondering about 🙂 Either way, it’s not a bad name, but not one I’d go for

  1. The pronunciation could be tricky. Is it NYE-sah or NIS-ah? Also, I think this is a name where accent could play a huge part in how the name works. It reminds me of Nike & I don

  2. I can appreciate Nyssa, but growing up in a Scandinavian family it makes me think of “Nisse” or gnomes.

  3. Dr. Who sounds like Quantum Leap. Mmm, Scott Bakula…

    Wait a minute, I’m so off track. I like Nyssa, but have long liked Nessa, which was a name from a Maeve Binchy book. Is Nessa an Irish name or is it purely a diminutive for Vanessa?

    In terms of nature names, I’d do Aven before Nyssa or Nessa. If I were having more children after this. Which I’m not. Period. 🙂