Is there such a thing as an authentic Australian heritage choice?

Thanks to Jen for suggesting Kylie as Name of the Day.

Some say that Kylie comes from an Australian aboriginal term for a boomerang.

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  1. My granddaughter’s name is spelled Kyleigh. We love it and adore her, sorry so many people have such negative feelings about the name.

  2. oh my, i didn’t realize that “Kylie” was such a well hated name! My name is Kaia, pronounce kye-uh, i’m presently a 14 year old who loves my name, because it’s unique and many people tell me it’s very pretty, i mostly love it because it has the Scandinavian origin, which is my background.
    I know a girl named Kylie, her father was Tye, her mother American, and she is pretty nice, and short. She’s the only the Kylie i’ve ever met, so i was surprised to find that it was in the top 30 of popular names in 2009! I lately have been doing a lot of research on names! I also am not a fan of common names, i find them bland and unappealing.
    The only name(s) I really dread is Isabella/Isabel/Bella, because I know that the reason it got into the top 5 is because of the majority of younger mothers are Twilight fans, and they can’t see past the fact that their naming their daughter after an uncoordinated, depressing, unattractive, (she’s always saying how she’s boring she looks) anti-social, boring, non-talented, sex craving, (Breaking Dawn shares it all) vampire-wannabe! I’m sorry, but that’s how I see it. I also don’t like the sudden rise of popularity because I hate Twilight for many reasons, horrible plot! I can’t believe i wasted hours of my life reading the series, I had to stop in the middle of the last book because I was bored to death and appalled by the way it kept going on and on going towards no-where! Not to mention the overused adjectives that I rolled my eyes at for every other sentence! I regret the day I tried to give the story a chance. Well that was my rant!