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Kasey writes:

I love our daughter’s name, Poppy June. It’s a little bit old-fashioned, but in the ready-to-climb-trees and skip-stones kind of way, not sit-around-in-a-white-pinafore-and-embroider way.

Our second daughter (and last child) will be here by the end of November, and we have our list down to four names, but we can’t choose.

  • Maisie/Maisy – love it, but husband and I disagree on spelling
  • Rory – this was nearly Poppy’s name, but I’m not sure about it being more of a boy name?
  • Rosie/Rose – too much flower with Poppy?
  • Selah – last minute addition to the list, not sure if it goes with Poppy’s name

We’re open to new ideas, too, but we feel like we’ve looked at every name already.

Our last name sounds like muh-thee-nee.

Can you help us decide?

Please read on for my response and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Abby replies:

Congratulations on your second daughter!

There’s no perfect formula for picking a sibling name. But since you’re confident this child completes your family, it does allow for some freedom.

In general, I would worry far less about matching. Nearly any two names, repeated together again and again, will start to sound compatible. And even two close names usually won’t be a tongue-twister.

It’s often the third – or fourth or fifth – sibling that complicates matters, and suddenly you’re the parents of Poppy, Rosie, Violet, Begonia, and Hawthorn. That’s not likely in your family’s case, so I think you can exhale. If your children’s names please you, you’ve done well!

Let’s look at the names on your list first. I’m going to rank them in order of how well I think they fit your overall criteria.


This is a lovely Old Testament name, but I’m not sure it fits the overall image you’re describing.


Since you have personal experience with a boyish/androgynous name, I’m ranking this one lower. That said, Rory was given to 1225 boys and 956 girls in 2022. That’s not exactly unisex, but it’s pretty close. And this generation will grow up with more unisex names than ever before – just ask Charlie, Rowan, and River. So Rory fits right in … but maybe isn’t right for you.


I don’t think two floral names is too much – not at all! Rose called Rosie sounds very much like a sister for Poppy.


Maisie and Poppy sound like sisters. They sidestep the double-floral issue. They’re both feminine, but sparky. I can use the same phrases to describe Maisie that you used for Poppy: “ready to climb trees and skip stones.”

Let’s talk about spelling for a minute. In the absence of any complicating factor, I always suggest parents default to the dominant – i.e., most popular – spelling. In this case, it’s clearly Maisie. In 2022, Maisie ranked #348, with Maisy a distant #988. (And yes, spellings like Mayzie and such are out there, too.) Maisy looks like the popular Daisy, doubtless why it’s in use … but it’s definitely not the most common or expected version.

Okay, let’s add in a few more ideas.


It’s not exactly old-fashioned, though Sleeping Beauty uses the name Briar Rose, which makes this feel a little bit vintage. It’s floral-adjacent, but subtle. Poppy and Briar have different sounds, but share a similar energy.


An antique gem with plenty of spirit.


There’s something about the sound of Lola – it’s free-spirited, but with a certain vintage appeal.


This would be a modern word name, but A Catcher in the Rye’s principled Scout Finch dusts it with some black-and-white charm and plenty of substance, too.


Zara reads a little like an update to traditional Sarah.


From your list, my favorite is Maisie. It’s perfect with Poppy – a similar vibe, while sounding and looking distinct.

From my list, I’d be tempted to suggest Hattie for the same reasons. But I’m more drawn to Briar or Lola instead. I’m saying this for two reasons: first, I really think they’re great with Poppy and exactly what you’ve described. But I also wonder if you’re looking for something just a little different from Poppy. Maybe Maisie is too good of a match?

Readers, over to you! What would you name a sister for Poppy June?

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  1. Maisie from your list or Lola from Abby’s.

    Also thought of Fern (like Charlotte’s Web), Maria, Ruth, and Ruby.

    Poppy and Ruby would be so spunky together!

    Poppy and Fern make me think of a sweet summer themed children’s book. So many adorable adventures!