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Meagan writes:

I am all-in on being a boy mom. Number four is on the way in a few more weeks, and his brothers can’t wait to meet him.

The only problem? We have used the only three boy names we could agree on.

Our sons are:

  • Cameron Matthew, sometimes called Cam. The perfect big brother for our crew.
  • August Edward, the older of our twins. We always thought we’d call him Gus, but he’s pretty much only ever August.
  • Finley Bryan, our younger twin, and the name that had me in tears. We love it now, and often call him Finn. We must have went through 200 names before finally agreeing on Finley.

Names we have definitely ruled out:

  • Dawson – It has a bad association for my husband.
  • Hunter, Holden, Harrison – Our last name is Colt with an H so we have ruled out any H names. I feel like some of these are obviously nos, like Holden, but I don’t feel as strongly about others, but my husband is opposed.
  • Peyton, Riley, Brooks – Because girls in our family are named Peyton, Riley, and Brooke, and we don’t want our kid to be “boy Riley.” (We’re not making this up. My sister-in-law is Ryan, as is another family member, and they call her “girl Ryan.”)
  • Oliver – A name I’ve loved forever, but my husband just isn’t into. Maybe a middle name for this son, as we’re out of honor names for middles.

There are dozens more than my husband (or I) have vetoed over the years, but these are the definite nos.

Can you help us think of some new ideas?

Please read on for my response and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

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Abby replies:

Congratulations on your new son!

Your boys’ names are great. They feel compatible and yet nicely individual, too. Cameron, August, and Finley – just perfection as brother names.

But it does sound like you’ve reached the end of the internet wit your boys’ names. I’m guessing anything I (or others) suggest may have been previously considered. That’s okay, though! Sometimes the name that was all wrong when you were expecting Cameron is somehow just right a few years later.


So we need to avoid H names, and possibly repeating the initials A, C, and F. Names with a strong O sound might be problematic, too.


I’m not sure about a strong T ending sound with your surname, but I think Beckett works nicely.


A modern staple, like Cameron, and possibly a substitute for Dawson.


At first glance, maybe it’s not quite your style. But I think an -R ending name could be a good choice, and I like the way Jasper has a completely different sound.


Because of the extra syllable, I think Elliot works especially well with your surname.


Like your older boys’ names, it can be shortened – or not.


Sometimes a surname, there’s something gentle about Shepherd, but it’s still a strong choice for a son.


Maybe my favorite with your surname!


The first name that came to mind, partly because it offers a very distinctive sound. But I also like the way Wells feels traditional-ish but very twenty-first century, just like your older boys’ names.

Overall, I’m surprised by how much I like Tyson. Tyson Oliver; Cameron, August, Finley, and Tyson. But I wonder if that’s just me? I really do like Dylan and Elliot. But, but, but … Dylan Oliver Colt-with-an-H gives you the initials DOH. So maybe Elliot Oliver Colt-with-an-H makes more sense?

Readers, over to you! What would you name a brother for Cameron, August, and Finley?

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What do you think?


  1. Cameron nn Cam
    August nn Gus
    Finley nn Finn
    To me, August feels like the outlier here, because it’s not used for girls.
    I like:
    Bennett nn Ben
    Zachary nn Zach
    Edmund nn Ed
    Wesley nn Wes
    Donovan nn Don

  2. I feel like this new boy could wear a strong name that is a punchy as August..

    To match Oliver but not Oliver…
    Xavier Thomas C*olt

    Another O name
    Oscar Nicholas C*olt

    Evander Kai C*olt

  3. My first thing was Jonah or Jonas. Other ideas:


  4. With Hunter and Oliver on your “almost, but not quite” list, I first thought of names ending in -er. I think the sound goes well with your last name, and this category often yields cute nicknames:

    Baxter “Bax”
    Parker “Parks”
    Thatcher “Thatch”
    Tucker “Tuck”

    From Abby’s list, I like Elliot best, but I think Elias or Ellis would go even better with “Colt” as a last name.

    Some other possibilities:


  5. I love your boy names!

    I was wondering about Barrett, nn Bear? Barrett Oliver “Colt”. Of course Bennet, Wyatt or Everett could also work well.

    Donovan? It feels matched to Cameron.

    I do love the suggestions of Dylan and Owen for you. What about Bowen? Is it too much with “Colt”? Or Logan? Logan Oliver “Colt”?

    For r endings, what about Parker? Spencer was suggested and I like it. The r endings though kind of kill Oliver as an option for the middle.

    Best of luck!