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It’s the Final Four!

A few of my favorites have been knocked out. (Au revoir, Huxley!) But some of the matches were just impossible – at least for me. I’m sad to see Dashiell fall, but Archer is great, too.

For the boys, there were no upsets in the last round. But then, neither were there any close calls. All four matches had a clear victor.

Something tells me that this will make the next round really agonizing … ready?

It’s the battle of the new, hot ending: the -er of Archer versus the ends-in-s of Tobias

It’s a Celtic match-up: Finn versus Cian

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  1. Wow this was easy. I think Tobias is ugly, and Finn is so so soooo boring!! I love Archer, and Cian is one of my favorite names! I’m sooo sad that Cian is losing to stupid Finn. I say Cian a bit more like key-in, like ian with a k sound in front of it. I love Keen too. Eamon was my favorite though, oh how I wish I could convince the partner of Eamon.

  2. Abby, I’ve looked at the results several times per your website. I just checked “notify me of follow-up comments via email” and hope you check comments frequently. Nathaniel is a favorite of mine. If he was the winner — as it appears — I’d like to see him back in the competition.

    1. Patricia, you’re right! I have no idea how I made that mistake – I apologize. Let me figure out what to do – I think I’ll need to reissue a new poll.

      1. I agree — to make your ‘competition’ valid, a new poll needs to be taken. I’ve been waiting for it and wondering why it’s taking so long to make the correction: Tobias lost in the last round, while Nathaniel was the name that should have advanced to this round.

  3. Wait, wait! Why is Tobias competing when your results for the Quarter Finals show that Nathaniel won: Nathaniel 53.63 to Tobias 46.97???? I’m waiting to hear from you before voting.

  4. My favourite from these four is Tobias. Finn is a bit too trendy and pop culture for my taste while Cian rates lower due to pronunciation difficulties and Archer fails to appeal simply because I’m not the biggest fan of most occupation names. Also, I admit to being a sucker for the ends-in-s sound.

  5. I have to second everything Lola has said. Including Eamon as the favorite. Although I do favor the second n. Eamon De Valera – didn’t he make up the second-n-less spelling?

  6. Not agonizing for me, in the slightest. Archer & Cian ( I say keen, but I’m probably wrong. I like keen, it’s fun to say). I can’t stand the round, sloppy sound of Tobias and I’m suck unto death of Finn, so it was really easy for me, actually.
    I’m saddest to see Eamon fall. He was *my* favorite last round!
    Told you Finn would take it all, he’s monster popular. *shrug* blech.

    1. Pretty much agree 100% with everything you’ve said here.

      I’m kind of surprised by the popularity of Tobias. Honestly, it’s just one of those names where I really don’t see the appeal…

  7. Woah, Archer and Tobias are 50/50! I wish I could see the number of votes! I voted for Archer, even though he knocked Dashiell out, I still like him. I like Toby, but Tobias is a bit much for me.

    Finn over Cian was easy for me. It’s the look of Cian I don’t like, ane the unclear pronunciation. If it were Keene, I’d be more torn.

  8. How do you pronounce Cian? The Ci sounds like the one in Keanu ou Sienna? I never really heard it, and I thought it was something like Sian, as in Sienna… ;D