March Madness 2017: Girls Quarter FinalJust like last year, the opening round started with an upset. Top seed James (yes, there’s a post called James for a Girl) was taken down by the 16th place post, Anouk.

It wasn’t even close.

Of course, it also wasn’t unexpected. I hesitated about whether really fit in the girls’ category. And this is one of those subjects that can cause controversy galore. Anouk scored a solid 66.45% of the vote, compared to James for a Girl, which garnered 33.55% – respectable, but still a sign that the most-read post does not equal the name most beloved.

So Anouk advances to the Girls Quarter Finals, along with:

  • Sleek, European Sabine slipped past Phryne, an ancient name revived by Australian television, 85% to 15%.
  • Sweet, vintage Maisie defeated night sky Vesper, 68% to 32%.
  • Wren soared past mini name Noa, 82% to 18%.
  • In the closest competition of the week, Marigold edged past Lena, 54% to 46%.
  • Perpetual Appellation Mountain favorite Elowen bested vintage Faye, 61% to 39%.
  • Literary Esme toppled modern favorite Sloane, 61% to 39%. (Nope, that’s not a typo – the numbers for Elowen v. Faye and Esme v. Sloane looked very similar!)
  • French Elodie won out over Irish Saoirse, 62% to 38%.

The contests get harder – and the results closer – as the month goes on. But that’s the point, right? With names like Sylvie and Genevieve winning the tournament in years past, you just know that any name that wins has got to be a true stand-out.

That means we have some voting to do!

A French name face-off: Anouk v. Elodie


A battle between two sophisticated, literary names: Sabine v. Esme


Two Appellation Mountain favorites compete: Scottish Maisie v. Cornish Elowen


High-flying nature name Wren takes on straight from the garden Marigold


Polls stay open through Thursday, March 16th. The semi-finals go live on Saturday, March 18th. Any guesses yet on the big winner? I wasn’t sure last week, but after seeing the results, I think I have a good guess …

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