March Madness Baby Names Girls Quarter FinalsThere was a definite upset in the March Madness 2016 Girls Opening Round: 2016’s #2 seed (and 2015’s top seed overall) lost to #10 name coming into the competition. Also to report from the opening round: some landslides, and a soaring nature name, too.

  • Top seed Lena garnered 56% of the vote, moving past Elowen to advance to the Quarter Finals.
  • Here’s the big upset: Elodie, often a contender for the March Madness title, lost to Sylvie, with Sylvie claiming a solid 58% of the count.
  • Selah fell to Maisie, with Maisie taking 64% of the vote.
  • Wren soared to victory, with 87% of the tally against Greek rarity Phryne.
  • Many of you reported that Marigold versus Mira was one of the toughest votes, and it showed: Marigold carried the day with just 54% of the total.
  • Esme and Aveline was also one of the closer contests, but Esme pulled through, 55% to 45%.
  • Clementine demolished Pluma, taking 90% of the total.
  • Lila edged past Nadia, with 63% of the vote.

The contests only get harder as March Madness goes on. That’s the point, right? If we’re going to choose a favorite name worthy of joining Cora, Isla, Genevieve, and Louisa in the winner’s circle, the name has got to be great.

With no further ado, let’s open voting in March Madness Baby Names: Girls Quarter Finals!

March Madness Baby Names Girls Quarter FinalThe lovely, sleek Lena v. the striking, vintage Marigold

A showdown between two French-inspired choices: Esme v. Sylvie

Two antique charmers face-off: sassy Maisie v. darling Clementine

Nature name Wren v. fast-rising favorite Lila

Voting stays open until Friday, March 18th. Check back on Saturday, March 19th to find out who won – and to vote in the Semi Finals!

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What do you think?


  1. All my favorites lost except Wren.

    Also, Maisie vs. Clementine… I can’t vote for either, I megaloathe both names.

  2. Most of favorites won… but this time I had to choose between them in each pair. Sylvie vs Esme was my hardest decision. I went with Esme because I have a niece by that name, but I LOVE Sylvie too. (Maybe more… too bad we can do “do-overs”!)

  3. Sylvie v Esme is hard, with them both being such lovely names. I should be happy with the results either way but instead I think I’m going to be sad regardless of the outcome.

  4. Poor, Pluma. She never had a chance I suppose. I’m also sad to see Aveline gone.

    I’m surprised to see my favorites are winning so far with the exception of Maisie. I can’t say the same about the boys competition. 🙁