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  1. A great guest blog over on NB!

    So, I had some suggestions for Name of the Day. I’m not sure these haven’t been done, but I’m fairly confident they haven’t – Antonia, Estella, Quinn, and Tess? I’m most interested Antonia, personally. And, I should probably mention some on the boys’ side, so I’ll throw out Patrick, Roan, Thaddeus, and Ulysses. Yes, a rather random bunch…

    Oh, and I couldn’t help but see that you’ve just noticed that Jeremy Sisto has a daughter named Charlie Ballerina! I, too, just made that remarkable discovery. Seriously, it might be the most opposing combination I’ve ever heard – Charlie and Ballerina are like yin and yang! What will her siblings be named? Billie Artisan and Frankie Pianist?