Rushes at the end of Pottery Street, Castleford.
Rushes in Castleford; Image via Wikipedia

Boys are called Cash and Dash, but this choice might be tainted by its most famous bearer.

Thanks to Nicole for suggesting Rush as our Baby Name of the Day.

Regardless of your politics, it is tough to imagine Rush Limbaugh inspiring parents.

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  1. This is my surname, and you wouldn’t believe all the jokes I’ve gotten throughout my life. “You like Rush LImbaugh?” “I bet you like the band, don’t you?” Meh. Indifferent on the first, very true on the second. In fact, I’m such a big Rush fan that I told my wife that if we had a boy, I wanted to name him Alex Sawyer Rush — Alex for Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, and Sawyer for one of their best-known songs, “Tom Sawyer.” Perhaps it was a good thing we had a girl. 🙂

    1. Oh, another famous Rush for you — Benjamin Rush, early colonial physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence. My grandpa Rush claims our family is related to him, though I’ve never been able to draw a genealogical connection.

  2. I think you’d get away with Rush outside America. I know of Rush Limbaugh and his reputation, but he is sufficiently distant from my world not to tarnish the name as much as I fear he must in the US. Like Waltzing, the wonderful Geoffrey Rush comes first to mind for me when I think of Rush as a name. I very much associate the name with the plant and rather like it.

  3. I’m so glad you chose it for NOTD. As a kid, Rush was one of my two favorite boy names – mostly from reading The Four-Story Mistake. At this point, I agree with everyone else I’d never use it now given the Limbaugh association.

    1. The Melendy books are probably my favorite books of all time, and the reason why I’ve always been drawn to the name Rush. I’m really not a fan of surname names or word names, so it’s definitely not one you’d expect me to like, but I guess my love for the character is strong enough to look past that… that said, there’s absolutely no way I’d name my child after Rush Limbaugh.

      Anyway, nice to see someone else who’s read Elizabeth Enright’s books! And I’m glad this was NOTD.