Baby Name of the Day: Mozelle

At first glance, she’s Southern-fried, nearly Hee Haw.

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I was reading a book about Shenandoah National Park and a woman named Mozelle was mentioned. And in my opinion Mozelle reminds me of Mozart. I don’t really like the name.

There was an elderly lady in my family’s rural NC church named Mozelle, also pronounced “mo-ZELL”. For some reason, my toddler self couldn’t say her name, so I called her “Omo.” My parents say that I could say each syllable individually, but when it came to combining them, I always reverted to “Omo.” Haven’t thought of the name in years–thanks for featuring it!

I wonder if people with rhyming names tend to fall in love, and if all of this means we’ll have lots of couples called Kate and Nate in another 30 years!

Just to add a different note, I’ve traveled to the Moselle region in Germany twice, had wonderful trips, so it’s got a great association in my mind. I briefly considered suggesting it as a name for our girls, but not much (accent on the first syllable), still thought of some of the not-so-nice associations other posters came across too (like Mosul).

Well, Mozelle is new to me. Can’t say I find it all that appealing. It made me thing mazel (tov) first (which isn’t a bad association/meaning for a name, really)… but I have no idea how it’s supposed to be said.

It makes me think of an older southern lady, particularly one of the Cajun or Creole persuasion. I kinda like it. I say (moh-ZELL)

I’d never heard of this name before, and I’m not from the US so I don’t have the Southern associations, but ugh. I find this name quite unattractive.

I could see it fitting in nicely with today’s Belle named girls (isabelle, anabelle, bella) and with the Z girlls (zoe, zoey, zahara) … Its quirky and fun. When I first looked at it I thought it would be pronounced muh-ZEL and that would fit in with todays isabelle… but MOH-zell sounds too back woods southern for me.

When I was growing up, there was an older lady named Mozelle at my church. Her name was pronounced moh-ZELL.

Very similar to my grandmother’s name, Ozella.

How is Mozelle pronounced? MOH-zell, MAWS-ell, muh-ZEL?? Because If it’s the last pronunciation, it could originate from mademoiselle.

It’s an interesting name, but it seems more fitting for a maiden Great-Aunt.

Julie, that is a fascinating – and insightful – theory! Trouble is, I’m not certain how to pronounce Mozelle. Joy’s suggestion, of a long o, emphasis on the second syllable, seems most likely, but perhaps not universal.