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The name was a success for Elton John – in more ways than one, and his story is part of music lore.

Thanks to Lindsey for suggesting Levon as our Baby Name of the Day.

There’s something bleak about Levon’s lyrics:

“He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day … When the New York Times said God is dead”

“And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus, Leaving Levon far behind … While Levon, Levon slowly dies”

Though the song also tells us that “he shall be a good man,” so maybe it isn’t a total downer.

How could it be?

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What do you think?


  1. Actually the first name this reminds me of is Devon/Devin – which is a name I really like. So naturally, Levon is also a name I approve. Although I find Levi more attractive sounding – however I once met a boy named Levy – who pronounced it like “lev-ee”, I actually prefer that one.

  2. For me, Levon would always be associated with Elton John, thus I would wonder if the parents of baby Levon were fans. Stepping aside from that glaring issue, Levon would make for a wonderful alternative for the growing-in-popularity names Leo and Levi.

  3. It’s Leave On or Lee Vaughn to me. Would never be a choice for me. But I really like Miranda Penelope…Penny is such a sweet throw-back name to me.

  4. I actually find this name appealing on paper, but less appealing when heard; it’s a bit too much like “Leave On”, I guess. All the same, I wouldn’t mind seeing this name grow in popularity.

  5. It’s funny, originally I associated Levon with the unfashionable Lavern and Lavonne, but once you mentioned Leo and Levi… I could see the charm in Levon. It’s unusual, but not too “different” when you consider the popularity of Lennon and Landon.

  6. Levon is a name I absolutely hated at one point (it’s still not overly lovely on paper), but has been growing on me ever since I watched the first season of Canadian Idol like 10 years ago, and one of the contestants sang Levon (SO well!) on Elton John night…ever since then, the name puts a smile on my face!