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  1. I am proud to be a male Dana. I am very glad that my parents did not make me another faceless John, Bill, Tom, Robert, Jim, etc.
    My name sometimes causes confusion during introductions, but people’s reactions serve as a wonderful tool when deciding whether or not someone is worth getting to know. I have met many cool dudes and receptive ladies when introducing myself, as well as some of the stupidest responses you would ever care to hear.

    If someone would razz a male Dana about their name they generally are a close-minded drone that isn’t worth your breath. Anything out of the ordinary shatters their cookie-cutter reality, and you will be forced to listen to their very opinionated views on the name.

    One extreme positive about the name Dana for a man is that people will REALLY remember you. This can be very advantageous in school/business. Your teacher/boss will constantly call on you for your input. Once you have the stage all manner of things is possible!
    Sure, when you are young you may get teased by rambunctious bullies, but as an adult you will come to appreciate the unique gift that is your name.