At the end of December, cast members of The Young and the Restless welcomed two nicely named babies. (Georgia and Natalia – see the Sunday Summary here.)

Anyhow, it sent me scanning through the extended cast member list and I discovered Princeton alum-turned-soap star Vail Bloom. It appears to be her real name.

Vail brings to mind a veil of tears, a bridal veil and the word valley, with the idea of descent implied. She also reminds me of Gail, a name that got a better reception here that I’d have predicted.

But mostly I think of Colorado. And I wonder what your reaction is – Vail: Yea or Nay?

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What do you think?


  1. I voted yes.

    I think Vail has potential, though perhaps more as a middle name than as a first. It seems like a naturey name to me (“valley” is the association that stands out most).

    It was the maiden name of a family friend, so I think it could be a meaningful heritage choice.

    I remember suggesting this to someone one Yahoo! Answers a while back who was looking for a middle name that would honor two relatives at once. Their names were Gail and Violet. She was leaning toward Gailette (which I think sounds far too much like the brand of razor). I would find Vail to be a far more attractive middle name.

    1. Ooh … Vail is a fabulous mash-up of Gail and Violet. And knocks the socks off Gailette!

  2. I’m definitely in the no camp. I’d probably prefer “Whistler” or even “Park City” over Vail. 😉

  3. I was thinking about Vail awhile ago and was asked what I was lost in. I said “Vail” and he said “Kendry”? as in the Chesboro ‘hero’. Also wrote the “Mongo” series (The series are linked). *Smack* How could I have forgotten about Veil Kendry! My favorite literary crazy vet. I would enertain Veil on a boy…if he were born wih a caul, as the literary one was. 🙂 (Even if Mongo is easily my favorite literary dude). Just had to stop back in & mention Veil Kendry!
    And I officially read far too much!

  4. There’s a little girl in my town named Vaille. I always wondered where it came from. Maybe some kind of family name or something. At least it doesn’t looked like she’s named after a ski resort!

  5. No freaking way! I live in Colorado, and I have lived in Vail. It’s overrated for sure. I did go to school with a lady (in Colorado, nonetheless) named Vail Skiff. She was a year older than me. I was in a lot of classes with her brother, Matt. I always thought it was a stupid name.

    1. Interesting to learn that Vail Bloom isn’t the first, Kayt! And I’ve never been to Colorado, so naming a child Vail would violate one of my personal rules. I do have a friend who LOVED her time at the University of Colorado, but she named her son Jack.

  6. Yuck. If you’re into place names, you have better options than Vail. Brooklyn, Dallas, Jamaica, Tennessee, Honolulu…

  7. No for me as well, reminds me too much of veil (both bridal and teary), and I too prefer Gale (spelled like the wind!)

    It reminds me of the Norse Viel though! Pronounced vee-ELLE, very rare, only 40 ladies in all of Norway called Viel! It means ‘battle for the home’… 🙂

    1. Interesting, though it would probably be spelled Vielle in English, which makes me think of French – and I suspect it means something, but I can’t think of what.

      1. Ah, vielle is an old name for a stringed instrument and vieille is the feminine of old, as in Hotel La Vieille France. Still, the meaning of the Norwegian name is VERY cool.

  8. Nope here too. I really don’t like place names overmuch and one that reminds me of cold is absolutely one I can’t stand. I’d actually prefer Gail! 🙂

  9. Colorado. I don’t think Gail is enough in fashion (is it in fashion at all??) to need “replacement” suggestions. Like Emma for Emily and Addison for Madison. Ava, on the other hand…

    1. That’s a nice point, Corinne. Ava plus Abigail plus Brooke plus Savannah = Vail? Maybe.