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  1. I find these two a lovely little pair really. I’m not very fond of Marion at all, but I adore Tabitha. The names seem a little mis matched to me as well though – Marion reminds me of Robin Hood, and she doesn’t seem very feminine to me, whilst Tabitha is very warm and homely and feminine, to my ear.

    I feel bad that she only has one mn as well.. Emmy Jo I like Tabitha Iris Hodge! 🙂 With Marion Loretta I like Tabitha Elaine.. it’d be lovely.

    I just checked, and James’ full name is James Wilkie Broderick, so I wonder why Marion has the extra name??

  2. I like both Marion and Tabitha. They go together in the sense that they’re both somewhat dated choices (albeit from slightly different eras), but they still have plenty of appeal and they’re rather unexpected for today.

    Little ol’ OCD me is slightly bothered by the middle name imbalance and thinks it would have made sense to give Tabitha a feminine middle name to precede what I presume to be a family surname middle. Something like:
    Tabitha Lois Hodge Broderick
    Tabitha Iris Hodge Broderick
    Tabitha Elaine Hodge Broderick
    Tabitha Susan Hodge Broderick

    1. Emmy Jo, you’re not alone – a number of people have commented that it feels like Tabitha got short-changed on the middle name front. I wonder why? And now that I think about it, Tabitha and Loretta sound more like sisters than Tabitha and Marion …

      I’m a big fan of two middle names myself, even though I had to pitch a fit to get my husband to agree on “Caroline Wren” instead of just one.

      Love your combos, though – and the fact that you’re dreaming them up! I must admit, I’ve always been fond of Elaine. And Lois is nice, too.