Just a quick note – I was reading from the wrong week when I posted the upcoming Names of the Day. This week will be Bindi, Maren, Phaedra, Tynan and Ramona. Next week will be Leland, Opal, Ferdinand, Marsann and Leora.

And yup, I managed to double-book Phaedra – she’s been requested by Mia and Neschria. So Paul, that’s your Opal stepping in a bit early.

One more thought – to all who have suggested Beatrix over the past few months, she will be NotD on July 27 – her birthday is July 28!

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  1. Beatrix Potter’s birthday is exactly one month before mine! I’m excited about Beatrix — She and Bellatrix have been on my Wildcard Loves list for a while now. I just keep forgetting to actually put them on the list!

  2. I was so confused. Particularly since I *think* July 29 is St. Beatrix’s day.

  3. I’m really looking forward to reading about Beatrix!!!

    That’s Beatrix Potter’s birthday, YCCII.

  4. Yea about NOTDs Beatrix, Ferdinand, Ramona, Opal and Phaedra!

    I’m confused though. Whose birthday is the 28th?