Monday’s reaction to Lark for a girl was lukewarm. But Larkin for a boy seemed to attract some interest – and a comment from a mom who had already bestowed the name on her son!

It’s a surname choice and an old school diminutive for Laurence. If parents are cautiously reconsidering Robin for their sons, why not this one?

And so I put it to you, dear readers: Larkin, Yea or Nay?

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What do you think?


  1. We have a nine-month old girl named Larkin Ruth. It was my best friend’s name in kindergarten, who apparently was named after Larkin Street in San Francisco. Phillip Larkin is my husband’s favorite poet, so it fits. Most people really love it, except the ones that say…”Like Larkin Car Dealership??”
    I like the name because it’s unique but not too off-the-wall.

  2. I really like Larkin. The -lark name sound I find very attractive.It’s just very distinctive, crisp and interesting. Larkin is the Anglo version of Lorcan if I remember correctly. So, the name has roots

    What is odd, is that I have mentioned these names of Yahoo Answers and people say that Lark sounds like a male name and is a male name, yet, when you google it- it is very clearly feminine in use.

    Larkin is a lovely, interesting name that is intriguing without being weird. It is much more of a male name for me. There was a male Larkin in the Nora Roberts ‘Circle’ trilogy.
    There was a female Larkin in the show Invasion

    I think the -in or -en ending makes it sound more feminine to people. The -en sound seems to be viewed as more feminine

    Lovely name

  3. Yes, it is a bit trendy, but I must admit I can’t help but find it rather adorable on a girl. I’d never use it, but if I ever actually met one it would probably make me smile.