Sunday Summary 8.16.20Did you see this question from Swistle? If you had to name a baby right now, what would you choose?

For a while, my number one name for a boy has been Leif Christopher Clark. For a girl, Rosemary, called Romy. But I’m less clear on middle names for a daughter.

Of course, my husband would have to weigh in on names, too. And my kids are old enough to have opinions.

My teenage son thinks Leif is bananas. My runner-up name is probably Ignatius.

And, really, we might end up choosing Marguerite for a daughter, because we have various forms of Margaret on both sides of our family. Except … what would her nickname be? Theodora, called Thora, is another favorite.

So … yeah. I’ve given it some thought.

How about you? Do you have a name or three at the top of your list all the time, even when you’re quite certain that you’re not adding to your family any time soon?

Elsewhere online …

Handlebar mustache names for boys. These are so awesome! Horatio, Barnaby, Nicodemus … oh, look, Ignatius is on the list, too!

Of course, if you give birth on an airplane … maybe this is the right name for your new baby.

An amazing birth story from Iowa, but the girls’ names really caught my eye. It took me a minute to notice the family’s last name, too!

For so many years, female authors wrote under male pen names. But now, there’s a box set of novels coming out, with classics like Middlemarch attributed to Mary Ann Evans, instead of George Eliot.

Isaac might be a Top 100 staple and a Biblical classic, but that great meaning still makes it special. Loved this interview with Ashley Graham about how she chose her son’s name.

I’m away for the coming week, but if you’re looking for some one-on-one name help, my calendar is now open for calls during the week of August 24th.

That’s all for this week. Thinking of you!

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  1. Elara is a new favorite of mine! I’d be tempted to use it but I’d probably go with my long-time favorite of Emmeline. For a boy, Dexter.

  2. Yes! My husband and I are in a constant state of naming children. I am currently obsessed with Valkyrie for a girl. Names we currently have on our list: Isobela Beulah Blair nn Birdie (though I am also obsessed with Idabell after Ida B. Wells), Ivelisse or Yvelisse nn Elsie ( I prefer the y, middle names undecided), Valkyrie Verily Faye (maybe call Val, we’d have to see), Ambroze Ærised Arbor. Twin girls would be Isobela and Ivelisse, twin boys would be Cillian and Constantine or Killian and Konstantine (probably with C), and fraternal twins would be Draco and Dova (in the ESO universe the word dova means dragon). I almost have my husband won over on Abaddon for a boy. Thematically, Valkyrie and Abaddon go best with our older children.

  3. I’m crushing hard on Bonnie, Ivy, Greta, Daphne, Phoebe and Margot these days. Also Meg and Maisie. Middle would be Kathleen, Helen or Jewel (family names). For a boy, my faves are Reid, Graham and Wade. Middle would be James, Stuart or Wade (family names)I think any of these could work with my sibset but, alas, my baby days are over. My youngest turns 4 coming week so it’s fun to think about.

  4. I could name girls all day. Irina Opal, Sylvie Antonia, Zora Jewel, or Viola Naomi just off the top of my head. Boys are harder, maybe Jethro Peregrine, Ezra Wolfgang or Nicodemus Zaccai.

  5. I could name so many babies right this (slash any) second. Girls: Winona Frances Coriander and Wilhelmina Jean Rosemary (Winnie and Billie Jean). Boys: Orson Oslo and Ambrose O’Hara (Sonny and Rosey).

  6. For a girl, I’d probably go with Verneta Mercy. I think. Maybe.

    I’m awful with boy names. My current fave is Peregrine, but DH has vetoed it because he says everyone will think we’re LOTR nerds. His top boy name right now is Ebenezer, or maybe just Eben, but we already know one and we’ve used E with one of the older kids.

    I’ve always loved the idea of Marguerite nn Daisy. Also partial to Meg.

  7. Lately I’ve been loving Daphne Erin. Erin is my middle name, though spelled differently. For boys I’ve always loved Jude Lowell, Lowell being my father’s name.

  8. I love Marguerite with the nickname Rita !! So sweet, and cool !! Names for babies right now might be Sage Constantine and Lark Anastasia. The middle names are family names. Or possibly, Teal Augustus and Briar Genevieve. Love them all !!