Sunday SummaryDo you follow No Big Dill?  Her blog makes me want to try sewing again.  (But sewing reduces me to tears.)  No Big Dill’s Sew All 26 series opened up with a great dress made for her niece, Mary Deane, which is apparently a family name.  Love a family name, love an unexpected Mary combo.

Elsewhere in name news:

  • Nancy uncovers the surprising story of Sunya.
  • Daisy’s family is against the name she’s chosen for her daughter.  Two questions: what do you think of Xiomara, and do you think that Daisy and her husband should stick with their favorite name?  I’m a big believer in using the name you love, regardless of family opinions.
  • Forgotten French names – how much do I love Cleophee and Evandelin?  And Neigette – kind of like being named Snowy, right?
  • Hyphenated names have never appealed to me, but I know that many love them – and this list is truly a delight.  Do you have any experience with hyphenated names?  I’m a much bigger fan of double names.
  • Could Anne be considered a stylish name?  Angela makes a compelling case.
  • Speaking of Anne and double names and such, check out this birth announcement for AnnaSage Rose.  I love AnnaSage as a double name, smoosh name – or hey, even as Anna-Sage.
  • In the same list of birth announcements, there’s a Cobain!  Is Cobain the next in the Lennon, Hendrix trend?  It does have a great sound.
  • What would you name twelve boys?  I suppose you’d have more than a dozen years to figure it out, but it still a question that stumps me!  Twelve girls, on the other hand?  No problem!
  • Doesn’t Lorelei seem like the perfect sister name for Anneliese and Genevieve?  The family has some other considerations, and I like Swistle’s take on this one.
  • Emme, Kingston and Zuma, and more kids likely to see and be seen at Fashion Week.
  • I really like the combination in this birth announcement round-up: Jude Henley.  I’m just a sucker for two-syllable, ends-with-y names in the middle spot.
  • Let’s end with rare royal names for boys.  I love August, Axel, and Leopold!

That’s all for this week!  As always, thank you for reading, and have a great week.

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  1. Love the forgotten French names, particularly Seraphie! It’s like the goodness of Sophie + the uniqueness of Seraphina!

  2. I think Daisy should stick with Xiomara. Her mother already got to name her own children, I don’t see why she gets to name another generation too.

    I saw several comments from people saying that negative comments from family had made them change a name, or think seriously about changing it, and they are still full of regrets or resentment.