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After many an inquiry and a few nudges, it’s official: Appellation Mountain is now on Facebook.

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Whether you're naming a baby, or just all about names, you've come to the right place! Appellation Mountain is a haven for lovers of obscure gems and enduring classics alike.

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  1. I babysat for a Margaux. She didn’t seem to have any problems that I knew of. I guess it all depends on what area of the country you are in.

  2. Margot is a great name, but I know that any Margot in a predominantly English-speaking country will get her name misspelt all the time. Speaking of Margot, one of the names that I love and put on my top-ten list of girl’s names anytime anyone asks me to make a list is Margaret. I LOVE it. Sadly, Mark does not love it — I can’t even sell him on it by insisting that it would sort of be a way of honouring him. Oh well.

    One woman posted on Dooce that her mother had wanted to name her Tia Sunshine but her father’s vote for Michelle won out. I found the post rather hilarious since I KNOW someone named Tia Sunshine!

    1. I knew a girl in high school who was Margot – fashionable and confident, and enough to leave a permanently positive impression of the name, even 20 years later.

      But I do think you’re right, Charlotte – that silent “t” is unexpected. Margaux is almost more intuitive to pronounce!

  3. Xavi is a pretty common name for Xavier, and I see the nickname rising as it’s own name for boys pretty soon, once soccer players start getting more attention in the US.

    1. Yes … IF soccer players start getting more attention in the US. It feels inevitable, except it also felt inevitable in 1980, when I was playing my first or second season of tee shirt league soccer! You are right about more Latino parents using Xavi – I was at a street festival yesterday and heard it twice. As it migrates to its own line in baby name guides, I can imagine it being given more – to boys and girls, especially as parents divorce Xavi from his origins.