Sunday Summary 12.18.16The big news: I have the Moana production baby names! But I haven’t had a minute to put those into a graphic just yet, so look for them next week – or maybe a little sooner. I’m a Disney fan, and a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan, and a Dwayne Johnson fan, and especially a girl-goes-on-adventure-to-save-the-world fan, so I fully expected to enjoy it. But I thought it was truly, honestly spectacular.

While you’re waiting for the Moana names, here are a few links to production baby name posts from other Disney and Pixar flicks:

I feel I should go back and watch some of the other movies and complete the collection. I’d have hours of watching, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Elsewhere online:

  • Have you seen the Starbucks original series from The Simpsons animators? It’s call First & Main, and the first episode is all about searching for baby names based on what the barista calls out.
  • Loved this quoteCall me terminally hipster, but I’ve never understood the backlash against giving kids “weird” names. While I understand that it’s a little unorthodox, the fact that people get so jazzed to hate on somebody’s name just boggles my mind. 
  • Tremendously fun facts about American names, via Mental Floss. Like, almost 63,000 people have names that rhyme! We had a family friend called Sally Alley – her married last name – and it forever delighted me. (Actually, she was all around awesome. The name just added to it.)
  • I’m intrigued by Senga.
  • One of my favorite lists of the year is the Baby Center in Spanish Top 100. While these numbers are not official, they can be influential. If a name has appeal to English and Spanish speakers – especially if it feels like a good crossover name – it could be a future Top Ten. Look at Liam and Sophia, Isabella and Noah.
  • Is Gypsy acceptable as a given name? It strikes me as edgy and cool, with a great, unexpected sound – but potentially offensive in a problematic way. Thoughts?
  • An Edward called Teddy? Swoon!
  • Such an interesting Q – and some updates! – at Duana.
  • I am totally loving #namemas. So many unexpected choices, like Crosby!
  • Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Is it named Buddy? We’re elfless – we have other crazy traditions – but I’m always tempted to bring one home just to name it.
  • The Sherlock baby has a name! (Spoiler alert.)
  • So does the Big Bang Theory baby. (Again, spoilers!)

That’s all for now! As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. My cousin is Edward, but goes by Teddy, and was named after an Australian Football player. It’s such a sweet nickname and suits him to a tee, as he is as cuddly as a bear.

  2. Girls names from Christmas films:

    THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS- Cindy Lou Who (very sweet could be nn for Lucinda)
    MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET- Susan (Lovely)

  3. Watching the affair at the moment, there is a little girl called Joanie I think that’s lovely.
    From Christmas films:
    SANTA CLAUSE- Bernard (lovely in my opinion nn Bear)
    HOME ALONE- Buzz (not so much a Fave just sticks out always wandered if it was short for anything)
    IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE- Clarence (very charming)
    A CHRISTMAS CAROL- Ebenezer ( nn Eben)

  4. Kate Cebrano, an Aussie singer, has a daughter called Gypsy. I think in Australia Gypsy can have the boho vibe without the offense, but maybe not overseas

  5. I just started watching the show Parenthood and Dax Shepard plays a character named Crosby and I must say it is really growing on me! I have never thought of it as more than a last name thanks to NHL super star Sidney Crosby. I’d consider using it if there wasn’t a clash with the surname

    I was also pleased to see the name Senga mentioned. Being from a Scottish family I have never batted an eye at having an aunt named Senga but I never thought I’d as a blog post about it. Very cool!