Sunday Summary 11.18.15My trusty iPhone died last week. There had been warning signs. I’d spent hours bringing it back from the brink over the summer. And so I made a mad dash to the Sprint store to find out what could be done, and emerged with a shiny new iPhone. (Thank you again, Erika!)

Once I got over the excitement of choosing a new case and customizing my wallpaper and ring tones, I realized that I had a gazillion apps to configure. As I was setting up my personal email, autocorrect changed my last name – Sandel – to Dandelion.

I noticed it only after I’d hit the button.

It seemed impossible that I’d just renamed myself Abby Dandelion, but I sent a test message to my husband, and sure enough – it’s changed.

No doubt it’s easy enough to change back, but I’m sort of enjoying the change.

It’s the magic of 2015, isn’t it? New identities are just a few keystrokes away.

Elsewhere online:

  • Another Design Mom Living with Kids post with great style – and amazing names! Flavia, Lucas, Siena, Bosco, and Hugo!
  • A report on the most popular names in France right now. They’re so in love with the L sound, aren’t they? But on the boys’ side, I think Gabin is the most intriguing name.
  • You know all of those extravagant, royal names for kids? Maybe now some of those kids called Royal are named after the Kansas City baseball team. Or maybe some of them are the new daughters of the KC Royals players. Well, make that one of them.
  • This Lauren Willig novel was fun for lots of reasons, but I especially enjoyed the naming aspect. Sensible Rachel masquerades as Bright Young Thing Vera in 1920s London. Willig got the names so, so right.
  • I find Silas and Elias too close for siblings’ names. (And definitely too close for twin brothers!) I think they definitely violate a couple of my guidelines. And yet, not everyone agrees.
  • Nancy has the new top names in Estonia. Lisandra is lovely, and it’s great to see Robin so popular for boys!
  • Admission Name QuoteSienna Miller plays Helene in new movie Burnt. Lately I’m really drawn to names like Helene, Simone, maybe even Philomene – tailored, but still plenty feminine.
  • Have you seen Admission? I don’t remember this exact quote from the book, but when I watched the movie, there it was. A long list of goddess names, with all of that fantastic commentary. Except I realized after I created the graphic that the character’s name is Jeremiah, not Jacob. Ack!

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading. And have a great week!

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    1. I know! It was a total gift from the universe, and even though there are probably lots of people thinking, “Umm … has Abby lost her mind?” I am so letting this ride.