Happy Valentine’s weekend. We’ve had a bumper crop of starbabies this past week:

  • First, there’s the surprisingly restrained Sarah Brianna from KISS’ Paul Stanley;
  • Then there’s the nickname-named Charlie Axel from Tiger Woods. Since his daughter is Sam Alexis, I suppose they pair together well. But I just can’t imagine not putting Charles and Samantha (or Samara) on the birth certificates;
  • Kevin Costner and his wife welcomed another cowboy-in-training, Hayes Logan. Big brother is Cayden Wyatt. Apparently, Hayes comes from an upcoming movie role for Kevin. That seems a bit risky. What if it flops like Waterworld? He hasn’t named any of his kids Mariner;
  • M.I.A. delivered a healthy baby B.O.Y. Sorry. Couldn’t resist – nor could anyone else online! No name has been released yet.

In other news:

  • If you haven’t already checked it out, go review the Valentine-themed names at Nameberry. I thought they might be joking when they mentioned Jetadore.
  • Then I checked out Nancy’s Baby Names and her list from Alberta, Canada. Sure enough, there’s a Jetaime! Also a (male) Gonzo and a (female) Harloquinn. Shudder.
  • Speaking of shuddering, the six older Suleman kids names are: Elijah Makai, Amerah Yasmeen, Joshua Jacob, Aiden, Calyssa Arielle and Caleb Kai. Elisabeth did a nice job explaining the octuplets’ names, but Bek gets points for being the first to post them in a comment – thank you! The six boys are Jonah, Jeremiah, Josiah, Makai (or is it McCai?), Isaiah and Noah; the two girls are Nariah and Maliah. I’m not sure, but the girls’ names might be spelled NaRiah and MaLiah. (I’ve been squinting at the website.) Guess we’ll know for sure when they get a book deal;
  • A piece of site news – I’ll continue to post Names of the Day seven days a week through April 30. After that, I’m cutting back to Monday through Friday. As the site grows, keeping up with comments and email takes up more and more time – and frankly, it’s the most fun! I hate looking at comments and realizing that I’ve missed out on great conversations. 🙂 Plus, this will give me more space to work on some draft articles that are gathering dust.

Speaking of other articles, visit Nameberry on Friday. (As if you don’t visit all the time anyhow.) I’m scheduled to guest blog!

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    1. Maybe this isn’t enough to save Gonzo, but what if one of his parents idolizes Hunter S. Thompson? Gonzo journalism, anyone? Bad name, pretty cool association. As for Valentines’ names, does anyone else listen to Bob & Sheri’s morning radio show? Sheri has a daughter named Caramia. I wouldn’t use it, but i think it sounds very sweet and mellifluous.

      1. Allison, you get a gold star for coming up with a reasonable reason – almost! – to use Gonzo. I just think Muppet. 🙂

    2. Gonzo. Oh my god! What is wrong with people?! Harloquinn makes me shudder too. As if Harlow wasn’t bad enough. Harlow is one letter off from harlot, and Harloquinn, like the romance novels? That poor kid! Jetaime? You’ve got to be kidding me. Je t’aime is how you say I love you in French. (This is the only French word I know besides bonjour and a couple other things I don’t remember off the top of my head.)

      I feel bad for the Octuplets and their siblings too. I like Isaiah, Noah, Josiah, Joshua, Caleb, and Jeremiah. The rest totally sound made up. Calista Ariel instead of Calyssa Arielle sounds much nicer. I like Malia too but spelled without the h and Nariah looks like it’s misspelled. It’s usually spelled Neriah, but still not sure how to pronounce it and I’m not crazy about it either. Sarah is pretty, but common, and it’s also my sister’s name. I prefer Sara. Hate Brianna.

      Speaking of Calista, how about making it NOTD? I think it’s a beautiful name, no pun intended.

      1. Calista will be NotD on 3/25. I campaigned to use Claire Callixto as Clio’s full name, but Arthur said, well … let’s just say he wasn’t in favor.

        I agree about Brianna. Edmund Spenser or not, I just can’t warm to it.

    3. Congratulations on your guest blog. I can’t wait to read it!

      Since I’ve started my own blog, I’ve been wondering how you manage to get out a well-researched post every day of the week (especially with two little ones at home). It takes me SO LONG to research each one. I don’t blame you at all for cutting back to five days a week, especially since you’re writing Sunday Summaries on the weekends.

    4. 😀 Paul Stanely has pleasantly suprised me! Sarah Brianna is, while not my cup of tea, pleasingly normal for Hollywood/rock & roll!

      At least Jetaime is a girl! I would have been horrified to find that one on a boy. It’s stil a bit twee on a girl, but at least she’s got the chance to go by Aimee, possibly as a nickname. I hope.

      I am not touching those octuplet and sibling names. Mom always said “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” and well, it seems prudent as well.

      I understand the need to scale down, but if it makes you feel any better, some of us check back on past stuff frequently. Monday through Friday will have to be satisfying enough!
      Can’t wait to see your guest blog!

      Thanks for another great week, Verity!

    5. OK, I know there are so many other things to comment on, but from the moment I saw the octuplet names I thought, what is up with McCai (or however she’s spelling that)?! They are all -ah enders and then there’s McCai… is he the one they were not expecting? B

      And now that you’ve posted the older children’s names, it’s even more confounding, because she recycled her elder son’s middle (Elijah Makai) here and another’s middle syllable (Caleb Kai)! I know there’s rampant speculation that she’s not playing with a full deck, but, come on – pick a different name than the one you used previously, not just a different spelling of the same name! I mean, 14 is a lot of kids, but really, is it so hard to come up with 28 names with no repeats?

      1. JNE, she does keep recycling the “Kai” bit, doesn’t she? I agree – while the *names* might be the least of the story, I can’t help but be fascinated by the prospect of choosing sixteen names at once.

        Lola, that’s a nice point about Jetaime using Aimee as a nickname. It makes it a little more normal. Sort of.

        Gonzo cannot be saved!

        And I’ll admit – I kind of love KISS. Gene Simmons’ kids are Nicholas and Sophie; Paul Stanley also has Colin and Evan; Ace Frehley has Monique and Peter Criss has Jenilee. It’s a surprisingly normal bunch of names for the quartet.