If you’re in the US, I’m sure you know that it is Super Bowl Sunday.

I’ll confess that my primary interest in most sporting events is checking out athlete’s names. There’s a great post on Nameberry listing some interesting choices from football rosters. I’m a sucker for Edgerrin – the name, that is. I’m rooting for the Steelers.

In other news:

  • Apparently we won’t learn the names of the recently born California octuplets unless the media is willing to shell out big bucks. Yes, I realize it is unbearably shallow of me to hear a story like this and wonder about the kids’ names. But you already know how I spend my free time.
  • Elisabeth at You Can’t Call It “It” ushered in the Year of the Ox with a surprisingly long list of appropriate picks. My favorites? Warwick for boys and Demeter for girls. But really, wouldn’t you just love any parent who chose a name based on their child’s Chinese astrological sign?
  • In starbaby news, Patrick McEnroe and Melissa Errico announced that their twin daughters were born – back in November! The girls are called Diana and Juliette and join big sister Victoria at home.
  • Sex and the City’s David Eigenberg – Steve, the man who convinces Miranda to move to Brooklyn – and his wife have welcomed a son named Louie Steven. No word on whether that middle name is a tribute to his character. And nope, that’s not a typo – apparently they’ve opted for Louie instead of Louis.
  • American Idol Season Two contestant Carmen Rasmussen has welcomed a son called Boston. Unlike Trenton or Easton, the city has only positive associations for me; that said, I keep hearing Brad Delp singing “Don’t Look Back.” Maybe I’m showing my age. 😉

Lastly, am I imagining things, or is there another new baby name blog out there? I was sure someone mentioned launching one in the comments this week, but try as I might, I can’t find it! Please let me know if the blog roll is short by one and I’ll correct my error. 🙂

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  1. I like Victoria, Diana, and Juliette quite a lot! They are all very familiar culturally (the first as a queen, the second as a goddess, and the third as a star-crossed literary lover) but only Victoria is commonly heard. I do think the extra “-te” at the end of Juliet makes her a bit too frilly, but that’s a relatively minor issue. Overall, they’re lovely names for sisters.

  2. I’m really digging Diana and Juliette – both are very romantic names to me, and so I can see how they go, but I appreciate that they aren’t matchy matchy. I’d prefer Diana for myself 😉

    What a shame about that mom. Didn’t know all those details on her life. While I’d love to find out the names of those kids, I’m just hoping they grow up in a stable and healthy home!

  3. I thought I was the only one who looked at the Superbowl roster for their names! Otherwise, quite boring.
    I’m dying to find out the octuplets names. Well not literally, but I’d really want to know! I can’t imagine having to name one child right now, not even going to think about 8!
    Diana and Juliette is a gorgeous twinset! Very surprising. They fit very well with big sis Victoria. I love their taste.
    Not a fan of Louie, Louis is so nice!
    I really have a dislike for Boston, it just sounds ugh.
    I don’t know what blog you were talking about, but shameless plug for mine! 🙂

  4. I wish they would release the names, it’s probably the most exciting point, past they’re all fine, for me.
    Diana & Juliette? Wow, one smooth & Elegant, one frilly little thing. I know which twin I’d want to be! Too bad on Louie Steven. Louis Steven would have been so much lovlier when he’s 40, you know? Maybe they thought it looked too close to Louis Stevenson? Blech on Boston. I live near it but I can’t love it like the last city I was near. I’m no fan of city names anyway.

  5. ooh, that blog was lydiamay and she mentioned it in the Philo post… haha, you mentioned it and i had to go find it!

    i can’t believe they’re not releasing the names of those babies! how can they do that to us? i’m way more interested in that than most celebrity baby names. i mean, what on earth would you name kids?! it’s not shallow to wonder about that, i mean, you know the babies are healthy, what else is there to wonder about?