I’m not a huge tennis fan. I knew that Roger Federer and wife Mikra were in the family way. But I wasn’t watching anxiously for news of the blessed event.


Roger and Mirka have welcomed twin daughters. And their names? Charlene Riva and Myla Rose.

Myla fits in just right with all the Mayas and Mias and Kylas out there. As it happens, there’s a pint-sized Mylah in my ‘hood.

But Charlene? Knock me over with a feather! Is it a logical extension of the Charlotte/Charlie craze, or signs of the New Retro in baby names?

And is it me, or is the pair a little bit mismatched?


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What do you think?


  1. In an interview for the French Open 2010, Roger corrected an interviewer who pronounced Myla’s name as Mila … Fed said it’s said as “Mee’lah. The question of Charlene’s pronunciation did not arise.

  2. Hmmm , I like Myla (with any pronunciation )

    Charlene doesn’t sound cheap or made up to me . It sounds like an offshoot of Chanel.Chantelle,Charmaine etc It actually sounds like a name that would be popular in South Africa amongst certain communities. (

    The names can be pronounced differently in different languages and cultures

    In a way, I think it is good that the names are not of the same style. It shows that they chose what the liked and loved- they weren’t trying to prove a point or to be a certain way. The girls are going to grow up to be individuals – not the same person. They should have individual names, as opposed to names that are trying to be matched. By the way, I am not against twin names staring with the same letter – names must be individual, though

    Myla and Charlene is an interesting combination that sounds nouveau. It sounds like they picked names that they loved, as opposed to names from a certain style

  3. Charlene is a bit comical to a Kiwi like me. It’s like the a-typical old school bogan name and I automatically want to shorten it to the horrible Shazza. I hope it’s being pronounced differently to the strine shar leen we use here and in Australia. I cannot abide by Charlotte but would have preferred it.

    Myla I don’t mind. In theory it’s quite nice but anything similar to Myra isn’t my thing at all thanks to the Hindley murderer. Ruined for me despite appreciating it’s dusty retro quality.

    Still, points for being completely unexpected.

  4. I can’t say I’m a big fan of either name and they do seem mismatched to me.

    I’m sorry about the current “Charlotte” craze because I appreciated that my name was at least slightly unusual as a child. The Miley, Mia, Malia trend doesn’t do anything for me.

  5. Charlene surprised me as well!

    Although I appreciate the name’s retro mien, I can’t say that I like it.