Despite our addiction to Celebrity Baby Blog, we don’t attempt to cover every starbaby to arrive. That’s their gig, and they’re brilliant about it. But we couldn’t help notice a flurry of interesting name announcements on the heels of Sunny Madeline yesterday. Just in case you missed them, here they are:

  • Actor Rob Corddry, best known as a correspondent on the Daily Show, and his wife welcomed Marlo Stevenson Corddry. She’s the second daughter for the couple; big sister Sloane Sullivan Corddry is two. We only know of one other Marlo – actress Marlo Thomas, born Margaret – but we think it’s an interesting, appealing name with a modern, but still feminine, vibe.
  • British model Louise Redknapp and her husband announced the name of their second son – Beau Henry. We’re not sure how Beau reads in the UK, but we find him an interesting choice, and like the pairing with the classic Henry in the middle spot. Big brother is Charley William.
  • American Idol alum and country singer Josh Gracin and his wife welcomed a fourth child – daughter Isabella Sophia. She’ll join Briana, Landon and Gabriella at home. It’s hard to argue with the classic Isabella, but what really dazzles us is that we continue to hear so many parents choosing this name.

It’s a real baby boom these days!

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  1. Marlo – just not too fond of the o ending for girls (except for Japanese names and certain Spanish names). Nor is marl a favorite sound of mine…. Marla, Marlene, etc.
    Sloane – really dislike. Pretentious sounding and not feminine.
    Beau – just one of those names I don’t like for some reason. But worse if spelled Bo.
    Isabella Sophia – these names are more to my taste. I think they are beautiful, although not my favorites and of course too popular. If I did use a very popular name I would not also use a very popular name in the middle … sounds cliched.

  2. Beau Henry and Isabella Sophia are the best of the bunch but I really don’t get Beau at all – its the name of Emma Bunton’s baby too. I love Henry though and I’m guessing in this instance, Henry is after Harry Redknapp the baby’s grandfather (an English football team manager – I forget which one). Isabella Sophia is beautiful and classic but tremendously overdone.

  3. Love Beau so much! It’s on my short list. I’d use Beaumont though (family name), probably as a middle and just call him Beau. Something like Drake Beaumont.

  4. Well, having a cousin Marlo, I’m partial to the name. My cuz is Marlo Paige, which is preferable over Stevenson, your average blah last name, IMO.
    Beau is whatev. I know a girl with boys Pierce and Beau. I wouldn’t attempt that on my kids, but I think she has a lot of chutzpah.
    Isabella Sophia? How boring. Not to mention that they now have Isabella and Gabriella. How trite. All those names are pretty un-wow.
    I guess I sound cynical. Oh well. I do like the Corddrys’ choice, despite the bland middle name.

    On another note, Marlo Thomas’s (after whom my cousin was named) real name is Margaret. She’s the daughter of Danny Thomas, originall known as Amos Muzyad Jahoob. In my opinion buth father and daughter have nicer showbiz names than those they were given at birth. 🙂

  5. Beau Henry makes me smile, He’s dashingly handsome but neither of the girls impresses me, much. Marlo’s too nicknamey for me (but goes well with slimy Sloane, FWIW. I hate Sloane) and Isabella bores me to tears. It’s undeniably pretty in an overblown sort of way and just done to death. I feel sort of sorry for big sis Briana, too. The only girl (I’m assuming Landon’s male, I hope!) without a ‘princessy’ name.