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Matt Damon and wife Luciana; Image via Wikipedia

Did you enter Nameberry’s Guess the Matt Damon Baby Name Contest? I didn’t check, but I’m almost certain someone got it exactly right.

Matt Damon and wife Luciana have welcomed a daughter, Stella Zavala. Stella joins big sisters Gia, Isabella, and Alexa at home.

I wasn’t expecting anything too daring from the Damons, but I’ll admit that Stella is a let-down. Along with Ava and Harper, it feels like the default name in Hollywood these days. At #126 in 2009, she still isn’t at the heights of popularity in the US, but she has been advancing quickly.

But hey, their choice, not mine, and Stella is a lovely name. Congratulations to the family!


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  1. I guessed Perla in the nameberry contest, which is actually kinda close, and I think would have been a lot better. I’m with you on it being a let down. Harper, Ava, Isabella, Sophia, Olivia, Stella, etc. They’re all lovely names, but they make me yawn.

  2. Stella is a lovely name – I had it on my list in 2005, but hubby thought it was too ‘old lady’ and didn’t like the ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ connection, with Stanley yelling “Stelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

    I did enter the Nameberry contest – someone did get it right. I was expecting something more unusual for the baby’s name, after them picking Gia last time.

    I personally would avoid two -ella sisters too.

  3. Isabella and Stella are too close to me. Hopefully, they don’t have another girl and name her Ella. :0

    I entered the contest and guessed Anya. It’s always fun to guess what a celebrity will name their baby. Maybe one day I’ll guess right.