That’s right – Zuma!

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have welcomed their second son, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Word is that everyone is doing fine. Thanks to Kim for breaking the news on our post about Matt Damon’s new daughter, Gia.

As Lola speculated, they are confirming that Nesta honors Bob Marley. Whether Zuma honors South Africa leader Jacob Zuma, the Neil Young album or the beach in Malibu? We’re still waiting to hear.

You may recall that their firstborn’s full name is Kingston James McGregor – quite cool, but undeniably more restrained than their choice for baby #2.

What an interesting week in baby naming news!

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  1. Good golly, Zuma Nesta Rock? It’s so silly sounding. If she had done Zuma with a traditional middle name, or a traditional first name with Nesta as a middle name, it would be very Gwen, but still work. Tacking all of that mess together is just, well, a mess. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kingston James, but I do think it’s a good name overall.

    And I’m totally adding to the Sylvia love. Kevin and I had our girl choice down to Daphne Margaret. For a backup name, he wanted Avery Jane, I wanted Sylvia Jane. Oh well, since we’re having a boy, it’s most likely a moot point! I still think Daphne and Sylvia sound like sisters, where Daphne and Avery sound like a sister and brother set to me.

    I think Sylvia is going to become a hot name in a few years. It’s very similar in sound and style to Olivia and Sophia, she has literary namesakes, and Sylvester Stallone has a Sylvia. She’s ready to become hot, I think.