It’s been rumored for weeks, but Celebrity Baby Blog is reporting that Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have, in fact, named their baby girl Honor Marie Warren.

We’ll make Honor our Name of the Day for July 6, but until then, let’s just say that we think Jessica and Cash did a fabulous job choosing a moniker for their darling daughter.

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  1. I actually love Honour and used it in a story I was busy on a few months before their baby was born. Marie is actually a very popular first name in South Africa – it’s the opposite of the US where it’s ‘filler’, so, I really like it in the middle for this name. Also, I really like Shiloh – especially because of the Biblical connection. It’s mention in the Bible over 130 times and I think it’s mentioned 3 times in Joshua 15, if I remember correctly.I honestly don’t know why people make such a fuss about the names Shiloh & Harlow – I’m not a fan of the respective parents, but I like the names they chose

  2. I swear a third of girls I know have Marie as a middle name. My grandmother, Beatrice Marie, actually used Marie for all of her daughter’s middle names. Laura Marie, Michelle Marie, Denise Marie, and Melanie Marie! Then her sons were Brett Alan and Todd Buford, and neither of their names are family names at all. Weirdest part to me? My grandmother actually goes by Marie because she hates the name Beatrice.

    I like my name, but I wouldn’t pass it down. I’m passing my grandmother’s, mother’s, and sister’s name down. I’m kind of hoping my sister would use Elizabeth for a girl’s middle name, but I’m not holding my breath. She likes the names MacClain Jewel and Haidyn Lee for girls. 🙁

  3. Kayt, I hear you. Marie? Marie! It’s not Ann or Lynn, but it’s certainly high on the list of overused filler middle names.

    However, it’s also Jessica’s middle name, so I think she thinks she’s passing it down as a family tradition. I’ve heard a lot of women say the same.

    And yes, I’m not sure the world is ready for another Puma. 🙂

  4. I, for one, love it. It’s fresh, different, and daring without being crazy. It’s a name that works well on a real person, too. Marie is almost too boring for me, though. Honor Lauren, Honor Olivia, or Honor Katherine all sound fresher to me. Oh well, at least it’s not Puma or Audio Science!

  5. Now we’ll just have to see if Honor makes an impact on the 2008/2009 naming stats!

    With other celeb-inspired choices like Shiloh and Miley/Mylee charting and virtue names like Grace so very popular, I can only think it’s likely to pop up more and more.

    And my husband reminded me that actress Honor Blackman played Bond Girl Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. So I suppose when parents say, “Oh I liked the name ages before Jessica Alba used it,” they *might* be telling the truth. 🙂