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  1. Interesting note – over at http://www.celebritybabynamesblog.com, the author is reporting that Max and Emmy are the names of two small Latino kiddies on the PBS show Dragon Tales. It’s not in my 3 y.o.’s rotation, but a quick Google search confirms the info. So perhaps Max and Emme really is a completely absurd rumor, and the baby names will be far more exotic.

    Here’s hopin’!

  2. I was kind of dissappointed when I heard the name rumors. I’m honestly really tired of Max. Maxim makes me think of the porn mag too, which sucks, because it’s otherwise a nice meaning and a nice word. Emme is boring to me. I’m going to second the Esme vote. It’s really nice, similar to Emily and Emma, but much much nicer.

    I’m secretly hoping for a Coriander and Bosley or something equally out there. *g*