Moving Truck by digiart2001 via Flickr
Moving Truck by digiart2001 via Flickr

Sometime later this evening, the lovely and talented Sharon will push some buttons, and magically, Appellation Mountain will move to a new host with a snazzy new design.

As with any move, I expect there to be some unexpected occurrences.  Some will be happy, as I reorganize with all of the space required.  Some might be the equivalent of broken wine glasses – lost comments or posts or what have you.

But like any process of settling into a new place, I believe this is ultimately for the good!

Thanks to Sharon for her tireless assistance during the process, and thanks to each and every one of you for your patience as everything is wrapped up and transported through cyberspace this weekend.

With a little bit of luck, content will be back on track on Sunday evening.  If not, you can always stay posted over on the AppMtn Facebook page – and I’ll be back as soon as possible!

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