This is the second in our series of Reader Baby Name Stories.

A sincere thank you to Molly for sharing the story of her sons’ names: twins Asher and Bram.

Before we found out we were expecting last summer, my husband had been praying (out loud!) for twin boys. I laughed and kept reminding him that he should be thankful for ANY baby. Before we were married (about six years ago), we were on a long car ride and I saw the name Asher in the Bible. I asked my husband (then boyfriend) what he thought of that name. He liked it. That was the first baby name conversation we ever had and it stuck. We knew we wanted to name a future boy Asher.

Fast forward a few years and we actually thought we were closer to having kids. I started reading name blogs (including Appellation Mountain) and saw the post about the name Bram. My husband (who is the tightest name “filter” ever) actually liked it. It had the tie in with Asher since it came from Abraham (both are Old Testament names). We argued over middle names. Would we use his family name, Wesley, or my family name, William?

It didn’t matter. We ended up pregnant with twin boys due on my husband’s birthday (true story!). Our little boys are Asher William and Bram Wesley. Twin A and Twin B!

Thanks for helping us name our little guy.

Molly, thanks!

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  1. Great names! Asher and Bram sound perfect together. And I like the middles, too. We came very close to naming our son Wesley. It’s currently our top pick if we have a second son. And Abby — the reason Wesley made it back on my favorites list because of your post. If we do have a second boy someday, you’ll be able to claim at least TWO boys named because of your blog. 🙂

  2. I love the name Asher, I think it’s so cool! And Bram is definitely cool. Love them together! Great story!

  3. Great story! I love both names and they suit each other so well without sounding ridiculously matchy.

  4. Love the story and love the names! I’ll have to tell my husband to start praying HARD because he’s desperate for twins. I keep telling him it’s practically impossible because we meet none of the criteria that usually accompany people with multiples.

    1. Charlotte, here’s one criteria that you’ll (eventually someday) grow into: maternal age! I don’t meet any criteria either, but now that I’m approaching 37, someone tipped me off to the fact that pregnancies over 35 are more likely to result in twins. I couldn’t pin down a percentage, probably because of the impact of fertility treatments. But in our “what if we had a third” conversation, one of our questions is always “what if we had a third AND a fourth?” It happened to friends of friends …

  5. Your story is so precious! How fun that God not only answered your husband’s prayers, but that they’re due on his birthday to boot! On top of that, Asher and Bram are such handsome, wonderful names and sound so lovely together. Thank you so much for sharing your story and double congratulations on your boys!

  6. Cool story ! The Bram link to Abraham is nifty 🙂 It’s an interesting and unusual link for the two of them . The names also flow wonderfully with their respective mn’s 🙂