Is he an underused masculine appellation or one that’s gone to the girls?

Thanks to Dearest for suggesting Taran as Name of the Day.

There’s a good case for Taran as an underused boys’ name, one that would fit right in with Orion.

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  1. This is my son’s name, only it is spelled Tarran. We wanted a Welsh name as both myself and his father are Welsh and this is the name we settled on.

  2. I like the name Taran. I am Welsh and I understand it to be a Welsh name, meaning ‘thunder.’ (I agree that it is pronounced Tah-ran not Tay-ran.) Since I am a Welsh speaker and know that Taran is the Welsh word for thunder, it strikes me as a very masculine name and perhaps only suited for a boy.

  3. lol ! I see you have Nola here 🙂

    There is a large Indian population where I use to live, so, I would say the name like Charlotte Vera would. So, based on the Hindi pronunciation, ( which is what is would most likely be used as or said for where I live) – the name is definitely masculine

    It has a lovely sound, but is not a name that I would use . as it would appear odd of someone of my ethnic background because of where I live.

    The name reminds me a bit of Tehran – the place

  4. In Norway, Taran/Tarann is considered a feminine name. I think its interesting, but I do find it a bit too harsh for my liking. It reminds me of “taring” or “tearing.”

  5. The name Taran always reminds me of The Chronicles of Prydain, which I was read as a child. I think it’s a fantastic name. I can imagine a little Taran being all boy, one of the ones who wears a cape all week long 😉

  6. Interesting name. Not one that I’d use personally, but one that I’d love to see friends using!

    In Sanskrit/Hindi Taran is a boy’s name that means heaven (or raft). The name would generally be pronounced something like “TAH-ran”, not “TAY-ran”.