Is Violet too tame for your tastes? Want something a bit more daring than Scarlett?

Thanks to Laura for suggesting one that might just be perfect. Our Name of the Day is Saffron.

It is almost hard to believe that Saffron hasn’t already caught on. After all, Saffron Monsoon is a beloved character among followers of Britcom Absolutely Fabulous, the long-running television show following the lives of Eddy and Patsy, BFFs chasing all things trendy and addictive in London. Saffy is Eddy’s daughter – the practical foil to her immature mother.

If the small screen didn’t launch the name, it seems like adventurous parents would’ve discovered her anyhow. Saffron is a spice derived from the crocus flower, and is considered desirable, pricey and rare.
The word can be tracked back to the Arabic za’faran. (In Spanish, it became azafran; in Italian, zafferano; and French, safran.) The Arabic may link back to the Persian word for yellow. It’s easily spelled and pronounced in English, but retains just a hint of exotic flair.
Because saffron grows only in Southwest Asia, it was one of those prized spices that fueled international trade. Governments regulated the sale of pricey saffron, attempting to ensure that only the real deal, undiluted, was on offer.

The golden-yellow color of the spice means that Saffron would fit right in with Indigo and Poppy, too. The color has implications in Buddhism and Hinduism. They lend a spiritual, even political edge to an otherwise light nature name.

Other than the fictional Saffron Monsoon, there are few notable bearers of the name. She’s never charted in the US Top 1000. Actress Saffron Burrows is one exception, most recently seen in 2008’s The Bank Job.

Saffron is a rarity, but she’d fit right in. Consider her similiarity to:

  • Frills-free modern classics like Allison and Lauren;
  • Nature names like Willow and Brooke;
  • Flower power monikers from the classic Rose to the trendy Violet to daring picks like Azalea and Tulip;
  • Colorful appellations like Grayson, Ruby or Esmerelda.

Overall, she’s a daring name that wouldn’t be terribly difficult to wear. But beware – an American remake of AbFab is in the works. There’s no confirmation on whether the daughter’s character will have the same name. If Saffron hits the small screen stateside, this time she just might be the next big thing.

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  1. Hey Appellationmountain,
    Neat Post, I’m thinking of making paella. I have every ingredient i need except saffron. Saffron can be pricey and im wondering if i really need it. Does it add a great amount of favor to paella, or is it more for the color it gives to the dish? Basically, can i do without it?
    Kindest Regards

  2. I like Saffron. Even before AbFab, I associated it with British names. Seems like it’s almost unheard of here, but slightly more familiar across the pond. Sarah, I can’t pair it with Edward, to me they don’t relate in any way. In my mind, Edward’s sister is Catherine, Charlotte, Elizabeth, or Caroline, names that sound timeless and well-bred. But if I truly loved a name, I would still use it even if it wasn’t the same style.

  3. Saffron’s pretty cool, I must say. I’d probably never use her, as I generally like my girls’ names a little bit girlier, and she brings to mind rice, but there is no doubt that she sounds incredibly refreshing and has heaps of charm and spunk up her sleeve!

    I’d love to hear her on a little girl over Olivia, Mia & Grace any time!!

  4. Oh my, Photoquilty & I agree! 😀 I firmly like Saffron, and we’d use it to honor one of his favorite Cousins (younger sister to Primrose). While we’d use it in the middle (Saffron just doesn’t feel like a sister to Leo, Simon & Josephine), I can see the appeal to do so! Saffy’s kind of cute, the Cousin goes by Fronsie. (we call her Fronz) I adored AbFab and can’t wait to see a remake (I hope the Yank version isn’t as dissappointing as most Yank remakes of Brit comedies are) and if they keep Eddy, Patsy & Saffy, I’ll be quite happy indeed.

    I would love to meet a little Saffron or three and heatily endores it’s use! 😀

  5. I really like Saffron. She is on my list but I keep having the same problem with all the names on my girls list. None of them are within the same style as Edward’s name. So hopefully you are right about Saffron’s popularity. If she does become more popular then maybe she would be an acceptable choice for Edward’s sister. Do you think I could get away with it – My baby is due in September?

    1. Sarah, I still say Edward’s sister can go any way at all, from exotic to complacent! Because Edward’s such a stalwart classic, his sibling is going to be the one that sets the overall tone. And you have to decide to you want that tone to be eclectic, classic or outrageous or anything else for that matter. Let me see if I can illustrate what I mean:
      Eclectic: Edward & Zelda (which we discussed) [next sibling can go any way]
      Classic: Edward & Sarah [next sibling is another classic]
      Outrageous: Edward & Saffron [next sibling can go any way]

      I maintain (and will ’til my dying day) that the classic boys can fit with anything. And I do mean Anything! My mother was a Francesca, whose older brothers were Joseph, Edward, Benjamin & Stanley, so clearly, I feel Edward’s sibling need not be constrained to another classic! I’d love to have a classic boy and then go ape with the girls! 😀

  6. When I first saw AbFab, I thought it was a very silly name – a perfect choice for Eddy to have made…but this many years removed (about 12 or 15?) I actually think it’s a nice choice. Violet is becoming all too popular, but Saffron still sounds fresh to my ear. I like it!