Kel- names are quite current, and today’s surname choice is no exception.

Thanks to Sarah for suggesting her son’s name – Kelson – as our Name of the Day.

Suggest calling your new baby boy Konner, Kaylob or Kristofer and you’ll set off a raging debate about kreativity in baby naming.

Some parents avoid K- names entirely, even though plenty of classics wear their Ks nicely, from the elegant Katharine to the current Kai.

Kelson would fit in on the playground with Jackson and Mason.

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  1. He is definitely an appealing choice for those who are considering such names as Chelsea, Kelsey or Kelly. He is not my thing, but I can see why someone else would use it. I definitely prefer it on a male, what with the whole -son ending, and I like the fact that it can be shortened to Kelsey.

  2. I like it. It reminded me at first of Nelson, a name I also really like. (I could see Kelson being used to honor a Nelson too, or even better, Grandpa Nelson and Grandma Katherine.)

    But I wonder if a boy would be called Kelsey as a nickname, and if that would be a problem on the playground. Seems like girls can wear masculine names far easier than boys can wear feminine ones. I suppose Kells would be a good nickname too. Sarah, do you have a nickname for your little Kelson?

    1. My Kelson goes by Kel or Kelly. Newer aquantances tend to go w/ Kel. I think they worry that the usually feminine Kelly will give offence. He gets Kells sometime, but never Kelsey and he really doesn’t like being called Kelso.

  3. Innocuous enough and rather pleasant as far as surnames go. It’s a windy suburb around here so I can’t shake that.

    I think I’d rather stick with the lovely Kelly or Ceallach for a boy. If I wasn’t a Kellie *cringes* I’d try to summon the ovaries to use Kelly upfront on a boy.

  4. Thank you for doing justice to one of my favorite names. I’ve always loved the nautical reference of the name. I think that the idea of something that adds strength to the structure surrounding it is great.