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Thanks to everyone who voted in the first round of March Madness. The results were fascinating! We’ve gone from sixteen to eight.

The closest match-ups? Liam lost to Archer by just three votes. The biggest trouncing was Eamon, with 83% of the vote compared to St. John’s measly 17%. My biggest disappointment was that Gray failed to make it out of the opening round.

But all that is in the past. Vote now and help us whittle it down to just four!

The dashing Dashiell (1) versus the pointed Archer (8)

It’s the Celtic showdown: cheerful Eamon (2) versus friendly Finn (10)

Two rarities-on-the-rise face off: Huxley (3) versus Cian (6)

Possibly the most conservative names on the list: Tobias (13) versus Nathaniel (12)

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  1. Nathaniel won! Poll closed and Nathaniel is clearly the winner of the contest with Tobias. Yet Tobias was advanced to the next bracket. It looks like a do-over is needed for the boys’ semi-finals.

  2. Well, I just found a book called Finn and the Giant by Reg Keating for any parents of little Finns out there…it’s got really cute illustrations.


  3. My tough choice here was Finn vs Eamon. I am completely not into Celtic names, so I went with the more popular Finn.