March Madness Baby Names 2016 Boys Quarter FinalsThe opening round of March Madness is always surprising, and it’s often a mix of upsets and close calls. No surprise, the boys opening round has some of both this year – but at least one of the outcomes what an eye-opener for me!

Here are the results for the boys opening round of March Madness 2016:

  • Leo roared to victory, taking 70% of the votes against Rafferty’s 30%.
  • Here’s the surprise of the week, at least for me: #10 Shepherd took out #2 Koa with a commanding 76% of the total.
  • Soren defeated Caius, with 67% of the total.
  • Wild Wolf just managed to defeat Huxley, 52% to 48%.
  • Rising favorite Atlas carried the day, with 60% of the vote over Emrys.
  • Surname names Sullivan and Wilder were another close call, with Sullivan taking the win with just 53% of the vote.
  • In our second last-names-ercerst contest, Beckett slipped past Reed, 52% to 48%.
  • Traditional Theodore took 63% of the vote, besting Elliot.

It gets harder as the weeks go on, with more heartbreaks as our favorite names struggle and fail to advance. I’ve already lost two of my top picks in the opening round! But that’s why we play the game, right? After all, the names that have won March Madness Baby Names are an elite fraternity. If a name is going to join Finn, Everett, Archer, Arthur, and Nathaniel on our trophy, it has to be able to beat some serious competition.

Now it’s time to vote in the March Madness Boys Quarter Finals!

March Madness Baby Names 2016 Boys Quarter FinalsKing of the Jungle Leo takes on the broad-shouldered Atlas

S surname names face-off: Sullivan v. Shepherd

Scandi Soren v. literary Beckett

Fierce Wolf v. classic Theodore


Voting stays open until Friday, March 18th. Please check back for the semi-finals on Saturday, March 19th!

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  1. Oh my. Doesn’t look like Wolf is going to make it. Fingers crossed for Shepherd and Soren.