March Madness Baby Names 2016: Boys Final RoundAnd it’s here! After many weeks of voting, we’ve reached the final round of March Madness Baby Names 2016.Hard to believe, right?

We started out with sixteen names in contention:

  1. Leo
  2. Rafferty
  3. Shepherd
  4. Koa
  5. Soren
  6. Caius
  7. Wolf
  8. Huxley
  9. Atlas
  10. Emrys
  11. Sullivan
  12. Wilder
  13. Beckett
  14. Reed
  15. Theodore
  16. Elliot

Some of my favorites were wiped out in the quarter finals – it always happens that way, doesn’t it? But the names that win are always great names, too.

This is the sixth year of competition. The elite group of former March Madness Baby Name champions includes Nathaniel in 2011, Arthur in 2012, Archer in 2013, Everett in 2014, and Everett in 2015.

So which names advanced to the final round? Read on to find out … and to vote!

Two very similar names faced off in the first match: Leo and Theodore. Rhyming Leo and Theo probably make the shortlists for many parents after something traditional, but not quite as classic as William or James.

After a week of voting, it was Theodore that came out on top, besting Leo by more than 10%, 56% to 44%.

The second match pitted two stylish surname names against each other: Beckett versus Sullivan. This match was much closer, but in the end, it was Sullivan that carried the day, winning with 53% of the vote.

And so that brings us to the March Madness 2016 boys final: Theodore versus Sullivan!

They’re both longer names, but Sullivan is a relative newcomer to baby naming, while Theodore is a traditional choice.

Which will carry the day? That’s entirely up to you!


Voting stays open until Friday, April 1st. Check back on Saturday, April 2nd to see which name will carry the day!

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  1. Had to send a screen shot of this to my friend – those are her two school-age boys’ names!