Trophies (Photo credit: AlaskaTeacher)

It is official!  The clear frontrunner in the boy’s category has sailed off with the victory.  The 2012 March Madness champion for boys is Arthur, leaving Rhys is the dust.

On the girls’ side, Genevieve handily won, beating Eliza by more than thirty votes.  She’s something of a surprise, since Adelaide seemed poised to walk away with the trophy.

The 2011 victors were Nathaniel and Louisa.  This year’s winners sound like their younger siblings.

Thanks to everyone for the votes!

What do you think of the winners?  Were they your favorites, or were you rooting for someone else?

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What do you think?


  1. I hate hate the name Arthur, but I knew it was going to win since it was the only “classic” name, and nearly everyone always votes for the name they are more familiar with. I can’t stand it though, very old manish to me.